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The Chief of Police is responsible for the control of State keys to buildings, rooms within buildings, and all other secured areas on the CSUB campus. Facilities Management shall be responsible for the duplication of keys, maintenance, repair and keying of doors and locks, core changes, programming of Mag Lock Proxy Cards and other closure related hardware for CSUB. This work is done only upon receipt of appropriate work orders and authorizations.

Section 1

Possession of University Keys/Mag Lock Proxy Cards

Employees of CSUB will not personally possess any type of University key, or Mag Lock Proxy Card without the written authorization from the appropriate University authority (Refer to Key/Card Approval Designee Section 5).

Section 2

Duplicate University Keys

Unauthorized duplication of CSUB keys is prohibited. Requests for keys shall be made on a Key Request Form to the CSUB Police Department. Any CSUB key authorized shall be made and numbered by the CSUB locksmith. The CSUB Police Department shall be accountable for key control. This procedure allows the University to maintain complete records of CSUB keys.

Section 3

Key/Mag Lock Proxy Card Control Responsibilities

  1. The following persons shall be authorized to receive or possess keys to CSUB buildings, offices, classrooms or other areas according on need:


Part time faculty

Support staff

Teaching assistants

Authorized students

Any other request must be approved by the Chief of Police or Vice President for Business and Administrative Services.

  1. All persons issued CSUB keys or proxy cards shall be held responsible and accountable for all keys under their control.
  2. An authorized person may be issued only one key/proxy card to a specific area unless approved by the Chief of Police or Vice President for Business and Administrative Services.
  3. Employees who are inter-departmentally transferred shall return all keys/proxy cards issued to them in their previous positions to University Police prior to being issued keys or proxy cards for their new assignment unless approved by the Chief of Police. 
  4. Each key/proxy card issued will be signed for by the recipient when picked up at the CSUB Police Department. Photo identification must be shown to receive keys/proxy card.
  5. Lost or stolen CSUB keys or proxy card must be reported to the CSUB Police Department immediately. If the keys or proxy card is lost or stolen in another law enforcement jurisdiction, that agency should be notified for a report and investigation. The allied agency case number should be forwarded to the CSUB Police Department for reference.
  6. Should re-keying be deemed necessary because of the loss of a CSUB key, the department to which the individual is assigned may be charged for those costs incurred for re-keying as determined by the Vice President for Business and Administrative Services.
  7. Employees on a Leave of Absence in excess of 30 days may be required to return their keys to the CSUB Police Department.
  8. All employees must return their key(s) or proxy card to the CSUB Police Department at the end of each appointment period unless authorized by the Chief of Police at the request of a Department Head or Manager of the employee.
  9. Failure of any person to return a key or proxy card when possession of such is no longer authorized will not receive any additional keys unless authorized by the CSUB Chief of Police.
  10. Individuals and individual departments are not authorized to maintain department key inventories for distribution to department employees.

A Key Request Form is to be completed by the originating department for the individual requesting a CSUB key or card to an identified and authorized area.  The form must be fully completed, including identifying information and phone numbers of the recipient.

The Key Request Form is authorized by the appropriate administrator based on the type of request as identified in Section 5.

The form is completed by the department with appropriate authorizations and forwarded to the CSUB Police Chief for review and approval. The CSUB Police Chief may appoint a designee to process the request.

If for any reason a request is denied, the individual requesting the key or card and their appropriate administrator will be notified.

After approval from the Chief of Police or his designee, the request is sent to the CSUB locksmith who completes the request and returns the key(s) or proxy card to the CSUB Police Department.

The CSUB Police Department notifies the individual that the key or card is available to be picked up at the CSUB Police Department. Prior to the issuance of the key or card, the recipient must show photo identification and sign for the receipt of the key or card. The CSUB Police Department retains the signed form for accountability and records.

The CSUB Police Department will keep an electronic database to track all keys issued.

The recipient is responsible to return the key or card when no longer authorized. The Police Department will attempt to collect all keys through various means when it is determined that the person is no longer authorized to possess the key or card.

If keys or proxy cards are not picked up within 30 days of notification, they will be returned to the inventory and the key request will be voided.