Police/Law Enforcement FAQ

Q: I received a ticket from a university police officer for running a red light at Haggin Oaks and Camino Media. Can he do that? Does he have authority off campus?

A: Yes. The California Education Code specifies a jurisdictional area for university police within a one mile radius of the campus. However, the California Penal Code additionally empowers university police under Section 830.2 (the same as the California Highway Patrol) with statewide jurisdictional authority when conducting police business.

Q: I'm a student and have a restraining order against my ex-husband as a result of abuse. I filed a restraining order with the city police and Sheriff's Office. Should I file a copy with the University Police?

A: Yes. Whether you're a student or staff member, since you spend time here at the university, filing with us allows us to enforce the restraining order should an ex-husband, boyfriend or any other individual who may be the subject of a restraining order violate its terms and confront or harass you while you're here.

Q: I'm here at night, and while I try to walk with friends, sometimes that's not possible. I feel uncomfortable walking to my car at night. Do you provide escorts?

A: Yes. We provide a 24 hour escort service. Call our department at Ext. 2111 and we'll have an officer or Campus Service Officer escort you to your car, dorm or other location on campus.

Q: I'd be interested in getting information on crime on our campus. How can I do that?

A: Our department provides crime statistics information for the most recent three year period. Additionally, we make available a daily log of offenses committed on our campus. You can obtain a copy of "Your Right to Know" booklet at our department. The daily log is also available for public review. Our Public Safety/University Police web page is on-line. It will have information on all our programs, campus crime data, and other useful information. Log on to www.csub.edu, then click on the Public Safety link.

Q: I'm a credential's student. Can I get fingerprints taken at the police department?

 Livescan services are provided only to CSUB Staff, Faculty and Students at this time.   If none of these apply, you can still obtain Livescan services from the Kern County Sheriff's Department.   You can contact them at 661-391-7500.

Q: Does the campus have a lost and found process?

A: Yes. Our department maintains a Lost and Found. While not all lost items find their way here, many do. If you've lost something, call or come by the department and we'll check our files. Items are maintained for three months and then disposed of according to law.

Q: I received a fix-it ticket from a city police officer for a tail light out. Can university police officers sign those off?

A: Yes. We'll check to insure the correction has been made and sign off your citation.

Q: Other than my car's front windshield, can I tint all the other windows on my car?

A: No. The California Vehicle Code prohibits tinting on the front driver's side and passenger side windows.

Q: If I bring my dog to campus to exercise him, does he have to be on a leash?

A: Yes. We enforce the Bakersfield City Municipal code with regards to animal control. Dogs must be on leashes.

Q: Are dogs allowed in campus buildings?

A: No. The only exceptions are ADA designated Seeing Eye Dogs.