Bicycle Registration Program

The Bicycle Registration Program is a free service provided by the CSUB Police Department to all CSUB students, faculty, and staff.
Participation is voluntary.


Bring the following to the CSUB Police Department:

A CSUB identification sticker will be affixed to your bicycle, and a picture will be taken of your bicycle to be included with the registration form. The form will be located at the Police Department for identification of your bicycle in the event your bicycle is ever stolen and recovered.

Lock up do's and don'ts:
  • DO keep your bike locked at ALL TIMES.
  • DO lock your bike in a well lit area.
  • DO lock your bike to an object that is securely bolted or cemented to the ground such as a bike rack or bike locker.
  • DO position the lock with the key mechanism facing down.
  • DO create a snug fit with the wheels and frame so that there is little room in the U-portion of the lock for thieves tools.
  • DO buy a U-LOCK type lock such as a KRYPTONITE brand.
  • DON'T lock your bike to itself, or to objects that can be easily cut.
  • DON'T lock your bike in the same area all the time.
  • DON'T position the lock near the ground to prevent thieves from attempting to leverage or crush the lock.

Registration Form