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Parking Rules and Regulations

California State University, Bakersfield



V 1.1



Revision Date:  July 1, 2016

Original Date: 03/01/2009



PURPOSE STATEMENT                                                                                      



ARTICLE I: AUTHORITY                                                                                   

1.1.01  Authority to Establish Regulations                                                                  

ARTICLE II: PARKING FACILITIES                                                               

1.2.01  Permission to Park on University Property                                                   

1.2.02  No Guarantee of Space                                                                                  

1.2.03  Parking Lots Listed                                                                                       

1.2.04  Motorcycle Parking (Motorcycle Stalls Only)

ARTICLE III:  PARKING OF VEHICLES                                                                    

1.3.01  Authority to Require Display of Parking Decal/Permit                                 

1.3.02  Requirement to Display a Decal/Permit                                                        

1.3.03  State Vehicles Only Allowed in State Vehicle Only Stalls                           

1.3.04  Special Permit Required for Parking in specially marked spaces     

1.3.04a Clean Air Vehicle Permits                

1.3.05  Proper Display of Decal/Permit Defined                                                      

1.3.06  Valid Decal/Permit Defined                                                                                      

1.3.07  Sale of Parking Decals/Permits                                                                                  

1.3.08  Decal/Permit Types and Descriptions

1.3.09  Sponsored Guest permits – how to obtain                                                     

1.3.10  Special Business parking permits – how to obtain                                                    

1.3.11  Visitor permits – how to obtain

1.3.12  Forged, Altered. Or Unauthorized Use of a Decal/Permit                             

1.3.13  Assigned Decal/Permit Use                                                                                       

1.3.14  Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged Decals/Permits                                                 

1.3.15  Duplication or Alteration of Parking Decals/Permits                                    

1.3.16  Meter Spaces                                                                                                              

1.3.17  Loading Zones                                                                                               

1.3.18  Timed Zoned Violations                                                                                            

1.3.19  Disabled Person Parking Stalls                                                                      

1.3.20  Temporary Disabled Parking Permits                                    

1.3.21  Disabled Parking Space                                                                                 

1.3.22  Authorization to require a CSUB decal/permit with a Disabled Placard                  

 1.3.23  Reserved Parking for Vice Presidents                                                                                  

1.3.24  Vendor Parking                                                                                              

1.3.25  Vendor Parking Designated Areas                                                                            

1.3.26  Designated Areas for Bus Loading/Unloading Passengers                           

1.3.27  Designated Bus Waiting Areas                                                                      

1.3.28  Motor Homes/Storage/Camping Prohibition                                                             

1.3.29  Parking longer than 72 hours Unauthorized

1.3.30  Inoperative Vehicles

1.3.31  Repair of Vehicles

1.3.32  Parking in a No Parking Zone Not Authorized                                                   

1.3.33  Requirement to Park in a Legal Parking Stall

1.3.34  Parking in more than One Stall

1.3.35  Obstructing other Vehicles or a Roadway                                                    

1.3.36  Parking in a Fire Lane or Hydrant                                                                

1.3.37  Blocking a Driveway or Sidewalk                                                                 

1.3.38  Parking on Fields or Grass Areas                                                                  

1.3.39 California Vehicle Code Enforced on Campus

ARTICLE IV: ENFORCEMENT                                                                         

1.4.01  Unauthorized Parking/Violation of Parking Regulations

1.4.02  Unattended Vehicles 

1.4.02a 72 Hour Parking or Left Standing                                                                            

1.4.03  Illegal Use/Possession of Decal/Permit

1.4.04  Impound by Wheel Lock/Scofflaw Abatement                                             

1.4.05  Towing of Impounded Vehicles                                                                    

1.4.06  Towing/Cancellation                                                                                      

1.4.07  Failure to Display Parking Decal/Permit                                                       

1.4.08  Hours of Enforcement

ARTICLE V: PARKING FINE SCHEDULE                                                      

1.5.01  Parking Fine Schedule

ARTICLE VI: CITATION PAYMENT                                                               

1.6.01  Payment of Fines

1.6.02  Late Payment of Fine                                                                                     

ARTICLE VII: ADJUDICATION                                                                        

1.7.01  Appealing Parking Citations

1.7.02  First Level Initial Review                                                                              

1.7.03  Administrative Review Hearing                                                                    

1.7.04  Judicial Review                                                                                             

ARTICLE VIII: PARKING REVENUE                                                              

1.8.01  Revenue from Parking Permit Fees

1.8.02  Revenue from Parking Citations


ARTICLE I: AUTHORITY                                                                                   

2.1.01    Authority to Establish Regulations                                                                


2.2.01  Full Cost Recovery / Determination of Parking Fees                                                

2.2.02  Parking Fee Rates

2.2.03    Waiving of Parking Fees                                                                               

2.2.04  Special Events Defined                                                                                 

2.2.05  Fees for Special Events                                                                                 

2.2.06  Fees for lot exemptions                                                                                  

2.2.07  Reserved parking for other campus functions                                               


The purpose of these regulations is to:

  • Expedite University business and provide maximum safety and convenience;
  • Regulate parking, with priority given to services of the University; and
  • Provide and maintain suitable campus parking and traffic facilities.

The concept of “pay for parking” on campuses of the California State University is at the direction of the State Legislature and is based on the theory that parking facilities must be paid for by the user.  The money collected for parking permits reimburses the state for costs of constructing and operating parking facilities.  Enforcement of parking regulations is the direct responsibility of the University.







1.1.01  The authority to establish rules and regulations pertaining to the parking of all vehicles on a California State University campus is vested in the University President pursuant to Section 21113(a) of the California Vehicle Code and Title 5, Article 7, Section 42200 of the California Code of Regulations.

Pursuant to Title 5, Article 7, Section 42201(a) of the California Code of Regulations, the University President may grant permission to park on campus, “to those persons who have paid a parking fee.”



1.2.01  A valid parking decal/permit gives you permission to park in University parking facilities, provided your vehicle is parked in compliance with the California State University, Bakersfield Parking Policies and Regulations.

1.2.02  The purchase of a parking decal/permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.

1.2.03    The following parking areas are available for use by faculty, staff, students, and University visitors, in accordance with the California State University, Bakersfield, Parking Policies and Regulations.

  • Lot A – Located north of Dore Theatre.
  • Lots B/C – Located near the intersection of Don Hart West Road and Stockdale Highway in front of the Dore Theater.
  • Lot D – Located directly north of the Walter Steirn Library.
  • Lot E – Located on the west side of Student Housing at the intersection of Student Way and Southwest Drive.
  • Lot F – Located on Student Way next to the administration buildings, and across the street from the Business Development Center.
  • Lot G  – Located on Student Way directly west of the Business Development Center across from Lot F.
  • Lot H  - Located south of Rowdy Way, south of Health Center, West of Roadrunner Drive.
  • Lot I – Located on the east side of Roadrunner Drive just south of the Icardo Center and directly across from Lot H.
  • Lot J –Located east of Don Hart East and south of Stockdale Highway
  • Lot K-1 – Located east of Don Hart East and north of Kroll Way. Entrance is on Don Hart East
  • Lot K-2 - Located north of Kroll way northeast of the Student Union. Entrance is on Kroll Way
  • Lot L – Located south of Housing East
  • Lot M - Located just north of the Student Union and west of the Modular East buildings.
  • Hardt Field – Located adjacent to the baseball diamond on Southwest Drive just north of Rowdy Way.

1.2.04  Motorcycles, displaying a valid motorcycle decal/permit, shall park only in stalls marked Motorcycle Parking.  At no time shall a motorcycle park in full size parking stalls intended for use by four (4) wheeled passenger vehicles.  At no time shall a four (4) wheeled passenger vehicle park in stalls posted Motorcycle Parking.

  • Motorcycle shall include all two wheeled motorized vehicles.


1.3.01  Permission of the President of the California State University, Bakersfield, as specified under Title 7, Article 7, Section 42201 of the California Code of Regulations, to stop, park, or leave standing a vehicle on property of the campus may be granted to persons who have paid a parking fee.  Evidence of compliance with this section shall be demonstrated by properly displaying a valid California State University, Bakersfield Parking Services permit/decal.

1.3.02  All vehicles parked on campus must properly display a valid parking decal/permit as evidence of having paid a parking fee.  This includes faculty, staff, students, and University visitors.  There may be limited exceptions for special circumstances as defined in 2.2.03 and 2.2.04.  This does not apply to emergency vehicles or those displaying Exempt plates.

1.3.03  Only vehicles displaying Exempt (E) license plates, identifying them as State Vehicles, shall park in stalls marked State Vehicles. 

1.3.04  All other specially marked spaces are for use only as posted by signs.

1.3.04a  Clean Air Vehicle parking stalls are located on the CSUB campus and require an additional Clean Air Vehicle Permit in addition to a valid CSUB parking permit. The Clean Air Vehicle permits will be issued upon proof of vehicle registration at CSUB Cashiering and the vehicle is recognized as a Clean Air Vehicle by the California Air Resources Board. (  

1.3.05  Parking decals/permits must be displayed as specified in these regulations.  Parking decals/permits displayed in any way other than the prescribed manner will not be considered valid.

  • Parking Decals:
    • Decals are to be clearly affixed to the driver’s side front windshield of vehicles or fork of a motorcycle.
  • Parking Permits:
    • Permits purchased from the parking permit dispenser machines, and all other “non-annual or quarterly” type parking permits, must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle, face up, with the expiration date and time fully visible, and in such a way as to not obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
    • Annual and Academic Year, must be displayed by hanging on the rear-view mirror or placed on the dashboard of the vehicle, face up, with the expiration date fully visible, and in such a way as to not obstruct the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Quarterly Permits must be affixed to the front inside windshield on the lower passenger corner.
  • Clean Air Vehicle permits will be affixed to the driver’s side rear bumper.

1.3.06  A valid parking decal/permit is defined as one that has not expired and has been purchased from the University Cashier’s Office or has been issued by California State University, Bakersfield Parking Services.  No other decals/permits are valid and no other campus department or entity is authorized to make parking permits, unless under special circumstances and only when prior arrangements have been made with Parking Services and approved by the Chief of Police. 

1.3.07  The University Cashier’s Office coordinates and facilitates the sale of parking decals/permits.  The sale of parking decals/permits normally takes place when registration opens for that quarter. Decals/permits are sold on a first come – first served basis.

1.3.08    Permit Types and Descriptions

  1. “Annual” permits are valid year-round, and may be purchased by faculty or staff only.
  1. “Academic Year” permits are valid only for the academic year and may be purchased by faculty or staff only.  (Not valid during Summer term).
  • NOTE:  Annual and Academic Year permits are valid for three year periods.
  1. “Semester” permits are valid for the semester for which it was purchased and may be purchased by faculty, staff, or students.
  1. “Activity” permits are issued to groups utilizing campus athletic facilities on a daily basis.  These permits are restricted to Lot I between the hours of 10:00am to 1:00pm or after 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.  Faculty, staff, and students are not eligible to receive these permits.
  1. “AVC Permits”:  Based on a reciprocity agreement, Antelope Valley College parking permits are valid at the CSUB main campus and CSUB parking permits are valid in AV College parking areas. 
  1. “Special Business Parking” permits may be purchased by Cabinet level officers and School Deans for the special guest daily parking fee amount of $2 for use by visitors to their offices. These permits allow the user to park in Special Business Parking spaces as designated on the permit or any other legal space on campus.  This does not apply to persons invited to the campus by individual departments for the purpose of guest speaking or lecturing.  Faculty, staff, and students are not eligible to use these permits.
  1. Departments may purchase daily permits from Parking Services to issue to their sponsored guests at the daily parking fee amount of $2.  These permits are to provide the user a single day’s use, and shall not be used for more than a single day.  “Sponsored guests” are defined as any individual invited to the University whose parking fee has been paid for in advance by the benefiting School, Department, or other entity. This would include guest speakers, presenters, lecturers, and coaches.


  1. “Visitor Permits”:  Permits issued pursuant to 2.2.03 “Waiving of Parking Fees”.


  1. “Clean Air Vehicle”: Permits to be issued to those vehicles listed by the California Air   Resources Board. ( 


1.3.09  Sponsored Guest permits may be obtained as follows:

   a.    A “sponsored guest” daily permit may be purchased by a General Fund Department by sending an e-mail to that includes the following information: 

  • o Date, time, and type of event/service/business purpose
  • o Sponsoring entity
  • o Number of permits being requested
  • o The chart fields to be billed
  • o Contact information for event University sponsor
  1. For parking arrangements by non General Fund departments, student organizations, or non-campus event organizers, the Facilities Use Application agreement form shall be utilized to request parking arrangements.  A Facilities Use Application agreement form can be obtained via the CSUB website.   (For fees see 2.2.06).

1.3.10  Special Business Parking permits may be obtained as follows:

   a.   A Cabinet level officer or School Dean may request “Special Business” parking permits by sending an e-mail to that includes the following information: 

  • o Number of permits being requested
  • o The chart fields to be billed

1.3.11  Visitor permits may be obtained at no cost in accordance with 2.2.03 as follows:

   a.   “Visitor” permits may be obtained by sending an e-mail to that includes the following information: 

  • o Number of permits being requested
  • o The name of the individual for whom the permit is being requested
  • o An explanation of how the individual meets the requirements of section 2.2.03.

1.3.12  Parking decals/permits shall not be copied, duplicated or altered in any way.

1.3.13  Parking decals/permits are not transferable and are for use only to the person for whom they were issued.

1.3.14  If a decal/permit is lost or stolen a new one must be purchased from the Cashier’s Office after a report has been filed with the University Police Department. If one is damaged, the damaged decal/permit may be taken to the Cashier’s Office and a new one will be issued.  Lost or stolen decals/permits require that an official police report be taken and submitted to Cashiering in order to get a replacement at a reduced charge. 

1.3.15  The duplication or alteration of any University parking decal/permit and the display of such decal/permit is prohibited.  Such action may result in citation and/or civil or criminal prosecution and referral to Student Judicial Affairs for student offenders. 

1.3.16  The intention of parking meters is to provide short-term visitor parking and are so designed as to provide a maximum of 60 minutes per visitor, even if the meter has time left on it when the new visitor’s time starts. 

1.3.17  Vehicles may park in loading zones for a maximum of 20 minutes for the purpose of actively loading or unloading a vehicle. 

1.3.18  Vehicles parked in areas where time is restricted, shall adhere to the time limits.  The intention of timed zones is to provide short-term parking. 

1.3.19  Disabled Persons Parking Stalls.  A valid Disabled Persons Placard or Disabled Persons license plate and a valid University parking decal or permit must be displayed in all vehicles parking in parking stalls designated as Disabled Persons Parking on the University campus.

1.3.20  Temporary Disabled Parking Permits are available with a note from a licensed physician.  The Temporary Disabled Parking Permit may be valid for up to 30 days from the date of issuance or upon the expected termination date of the disability as stated on the note from a physician, whichever is less.  If needed, the Temporary Disabled Parking Permit can be renewed upon showing of evidence that an application for a Temporary Disabled Placard with the DMV has been submitted.   If you have a current, valid parking decal/permit, there will be no additional charge for the Temporary Disabled Parking Permits. For Students, Temporary Disabled Parking Permits are available at the Student Health Center.  For Faculty, Temporary Disabled Parking Permits are available at the Office of the President.  For Staff, Temporary Disabled Parking Permits are available at Human Resources.  (          revised June 2, 2014)

1.3.21  Only vehicles displaying a DMV issued Disabled Placard or License Plate, or California State University, Bakersfield Temporary Disabled Permit, and a valid CSU Bakersfield permit/decal, shall park in stalls marked for disabled parking.  No vehicle shall block, obstruct, infringe, or occupy any portion of a disabled stall, including the diagonal lines (hash marks) on either side of a disabled stall. 


1.3.22  Disabled individuals may utilize disabled parking spaces by displaying the appropriate state license plate or placard along with a valid CSU Bakersfield parking permit.  The permit rate applies to disabled parking on the CSU Bakersfield campus and is authorized for all CSU campuses.  The authority to charge a fee for use of parking facilities by disabled individuals is defined in the California Education Code, section 67301; the California Vehicle Code, section 21113; and Title 5 of the California Administrative Code.  The authority sections set aside other provisions made for non-payment of parking fees as defined in the California Vehicle Code section 22511.5.

1.3.23  Reserved Parking for Vice Presidents: Vice Presidents may opt to have reserved parking for their personal car on the CSUB campus. The reserved slots will be identified by Parking Services and posted with the proper signage. Only the Vice President’s personal vehicle will be authorized to park in the slot. No other vehicle will be permitted. If the Vice President is off campus, no other vehicle will be permitted to use the slot. The slot will remain empty.

•    If the Vice President utilizing a reserved parking space drives a vehicle not normally                driven, UPD will be notified promptly of the change to allow for proper enforcement.

•    Upon the decision of a Vice President to utilize a reserved parking space, a monthly fee will be required which will be set by the President.

1.3.24  Vendor Parking:  A request for vendor parking arrangements shall be made to Parking Services – see section 2.2.03. The intent of arranging for vendor parking is to allow a vendor whose vehicle is a required part of their job in providing a contracted service to the campus the ability to work close to their worksite. Faculty, staff, students, or personal vehicles are not eligible for vendor parking.  All vehicles used for vendor parking must adhere to the following:

  • Vehicles shall be kept in good working order, so as not to leak hazardous materials such as gasoline, diesel, oil, or antifreeze, on inner campus roadways, walkways, or sidewalks.
  • Vehicles shall not park on any unpaved areas, such as grass, planted areas, or dirt areas unless specific permission has been obtained from Parking Services.
  • Vehicles shall not park in any parking stall, or portion thereof, marked for specific purposes, without prior approval or permission from the California State University, Bakersfield Parking Services.
  • Vehicles shall not park in such a manner as to block, obstruct, impede, or delay, any emergency vehicle.
  • Vehicles parking near buildings shall not block or obstruct any doorway or driveway, or any portion thereof.


1.3.25  Vendor vehicles that have been granted the privilege of parking in areas other than legal parking spaces shall not travel at a speed greater than 5 MPH in areas other than on designated roadways.


1.3.26  The designated area for buses to load and unload passengers is in Lot I or at the Bus Turnaround at the southern end of Don Hart West Road.  No vehicle shall park in an area designated as a bus zone or bus stop.

1.3.27  Busses needing to park and wait for passengers, may do so in the south end of Lot I.

1.3.28  No person shall park any motor home, camper, boat, or other vehicle on CSU Bakersfield property solely for the purpose of storage, nor shall any person use any vehicle on CSU Bakersfield property for the purpose of human habitation or camping.

1.3.29  No vehicle may remain in the same space or location for more than 72 hours without notifying and obtaining permission from Parking Services.  Vehicles in violation may be towed at the owner’s expense.  Prior to towing, Parking Services may, at their discretion, place a warning tag on the vehicle for a period of 72 hours prior to towing.

1.3.30  Any parking permit issued pursuant to campus regulations shall cease to be valid when the vehicle displaying the permit is determined to be inoperative by the UPD personnel. The following standard of in-operability shall be applied in any such determination:

A motor vehicle is inoperative if it cannot be moved under its own motor power and remains stationary in excess of three (3) consecutive days. When a representative of the UPD determines a vehicle to be inoperative, the vehicle shall be deemed parked without a valid parking permit and shall be issued a “Notice of Parking Violation” (citation) on the same basis as any vehicle not bearing a permit. If in the judgment of the Police and Parking Services representative a vehicle is restored to an operative condition, a permit for the vehicle may be reissued.


1.3.31  No repair of private vehicles shall take place on campus with the exception of jump starting a dead battery or fixing a flat tire.

1.3.32  Vehicles shall not be parked in areas posted “No Parking”.  Ground markings consisting of diagonal lines may be painted on the ground (hash marks)which shall indicate no parking , a sign need not be posted. 


1.3.33  All vehicles shall park in a legal parking stall. 

1.3.34  No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one parking space or stall.  Vehicles must be contained within the parking stall boundary lines. 

  • Legal parking stalls are defined as two parallel white lines in campus parking lots.
  • RV’s and vehicles with trailers having prior authorization from Parking Services to park on University property are exempt. These vehicles may be required to pay additional parking fees as determined by Parking Services.

1.3.35  No vehicle shall park in such a way as to block or obstruct the movement of another vehicle. 

1.3.36  No vehicle shall park or stop at a red curb, an area posted with No Parking or Stopping,  an area marked Fire Lane, or within 15 feet of any fire hydrant. 

1.3.37  No vehicle shall block or park in any portion of a driveway or sidewalk. 


1.3.38  No vehicle shall be parked on CSU Bakersfield playing fields, other planted areas or dirt areas. 

1.3.39  The California State University Bakersfield Police Department enforces all California State Vehicle Codes (VC) on campus property.  Vehicles in violation of CVC will be cited under the appropriate CVC code(s).




1.4.01 Unauthorized Parking/Violation of Parking Regulations:  Vehicles found to be parked in violation of any campus parking regulation(s) or parked in violation of any section or sections of the California Vehicle Code are subject to being issued a parking citation by a CSU Bakersfield Police Department Parking Officer or a University Police Officer.

1.4.02  Unattended Vehicles:  Any vehicle left standing on any highway, roadway or other property of the University in violation of posted provisions, or in violation of any provision of the California Vehicle code, may be towed and stored at the owner’s expense (C.V.C. 22659).

1.4.02a  No vehicle will remain parked or left standing for more than 72 consecutive hours on the CSUB campus without prior authorization of the University Police Department. Vehicles found to be parked or left standing for 72 hours may be subject to tow per C.V.C. 22651(k).

1.4.03  Illegal Use/Possession of Decal/Permit:  Any vehicle displaying a lost, stolen, forged, or fictitious parking decal/permit, or a decal/permit obtained by means not permitted under the University Parking Regulations will be issued a citation.  It is unlawful to use a decal/permit previously reported lost or stolen.  All found decal/permits should be returned to the CSU Bakersfield Police Department.  Any vehicle displaying a stolen, forged, or fictitious parking decal/permit is evidence of a crime and may be entered by a CSU Bakersfield Police Officer for the purpose of confiscating the evidence.

1.4.04  Impound by Wheel Lock or Towing (Scofflaw Abatement):  As authorized in California Vehicle Code sections 22651(i)(1) and 22651.7:  Any vehicle, other than a rented vehicle, found upon a highway or public lands and it is known that the vehicle has been issued five or more Notices of Parking Violations (citations) to which the owner or person in control of the vehicle has not responded within 21 calendar days of citation issuance may be impounded by immobilization (wheel lock) or towing until that person furnishes to the impounding law enforcement agency evidence of his or her identity and an address within this state at which he or she can be located and satisfactory evidence that the fines have been deposited for all Notices of Parking Violations issued for the vehicle.

1.4.05  Towing of Impounded Vehicles:  Vehicles impounded will be towed away at the owner’s expense; or may be immobilized by wheel lock if deemed appropriate by a CSU Bakersfield Police Department representative initiating the impound.  Any immobilized vehicle may be removed/towed away from the campus at the vehicle owner’s expense at any time following the original impound if, for any reason, the removal is requested by a representative of the CSU Bakersfield Police Department.  To legally reclaim an impounded or immobilized vehicle, the vehicle owner or his/her designee must deposit the total parking fines due with the CSU Bakersfield Police Department or make arrangements with the CSU Bakersfield Police Department for full payment.

1.4.06  Towing/Cancellation:  When any vehicle is in the process of being towed from the University using an applicable towing authority section of the California Vehicle Code other than 22651(I) and the driver of the vehicle arrives on scene, a Notice of Parking Violation (citation) will be issued and tow away canceled unless the towing service has arrived and initiated tow away procedures by making physical contact with the vehicle.  If the towing company has made physical contact with the vehicle, arrangement for towing fees is subject to agreement between the driver of the vehicle in question and the towing service.  If the vehicle is being towed for a violation of section 22651(I), tow away will not be canceled unless the driver has immediate means by which they can pay all applicable outstanding parking citations on file with the CSU Bakersfield Police Department.

1.4.07  Failure to Display Parking Decal/Permit:  Vehicles not displaying a valid CSU Bakersfield parking decal/permit (or valid campus permit from another CSU or Antelope Valley College) are subject to being issued a citation.  Vehicle owners may appeal the citation and may receive a reduction to the citation fine if a valid parking decal/permit, purchased prior to the citation, is presented at the CSU Bakersfield Police Department within 21 days of the citation issue date. 

1.4.08  Hours of Enforcement:  Display of a parking decal/permit, as indication of having paid a parking fee, is required at all times unless previously arranged with CSU Bakersfield Police Department Parking Services – see section 1.3.02.




1.5.01 The following is the schedule of parking violations and the associated fine:

  • 20.1  IMPROPER DISPLAY OF A DECAL/PERMIT                            $15.00
  • 20.2  NO VALID PARKING DECAL/PERMIT                                      $30.00
  • 21.1  METER VIOLATION                                                                      $30.00
  • 21.2  PARKED OUT OF STALL                                                              $30.00
  • 22.1  LOADING OR TIMED ZONE VIOLATION                                 $40.00
  • 22.2  PARKED IN A RESERVED STALL                                              $40.00
  • 23.2  ILLEGALLY PARKED ON GRASS/DIRT                                    $45.00
  • 23.3  UNAUTHORIZED PARKING                                                       $45.00
  • 24.2  OBSTRUCTING ROADWAY                                                         $55.00
  • 26.1  BLOCKING OR PARKED IN A DISABLED STALL                  $305.00





1.6.01 Payment of Fines:        Payment of fines must be mailed to :

                                                Parking Management Bureau

One University Circle

Turlock, CA  95382

1.6.02  Late Payment of Fine:  If a citation is not paid or appealed within 21 days from the date it was issued, a Notice of Intent to place a hold on the vehicle registration is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.  Failure to respond to the Notice of Intent will result in a hold being placed on the vehicle registration with the DMV.  A late fee is imposed for each delinquent citation in addition to a penalty imposed by the DMV.  If a vehicle has 5 or more unpaid citations at any time the vehicle is subject to immobilization or impoundment.  Release of the vehicle will only occur after all citations are paid in full or other payment arrangements have been made with Parking Services. 



1.7.01  The California State University, Bakersfield, provides for the appeal of parking citations in compliance with California Vehicle Code 40215.

1.7.02 First Level Review:  The First Level Initial Review is the first step in the parking citation appeal process.  To initiate a First Level Initial Review, visit the Parking Management Bureau at or call (800) 700-4417.   You may also access the parking Management Bureau from the “Parking Information” link from the CSU Bakersfield Police Department website at

This review request  must be completed  no later than 21 calendar days from the date the citation was issued.  The appeal will be reviewed by a designated Parking Services employee and focuses on the issue of whether there was an  error on the part of the issuing officer.  The Parking Services employee will also take into account previous citations, and if in the interest of justice whether the citation should be dismissed.  You will be notified by mail of the determination. 

1.7.03  Administrative Review Hearing: If you are dissatisfied with the result of the First Level Initial Review, you may request an Administrative Review Hearing.  The request must be made no later than 21 calendar days following the date the First Level Initial Review decision is made.  The Administrative Review is conducted by an Administrative Review Hearing Officer contracted with the City of Bakersfield Police Department.  The review is conducted in person.  To schedule an Administrative Review Hearing contact the California State University, Bakersfield Parking Services at 661-654-2111.

Prior to the Administrative Review Hearing, you will be required to deposit the amount of the fine with California State University, Bakersfield Parking Services.  This will be held until the decision of the Administrative Review Hearing Officer has been made.  If the citation is found valid, the deposit will be returned to you.  The decision of the Administrative Review Hearing Officer will be sent to you by first-class mail.

1.7.04    Judicial Review:  A third level Judicial Review may be requested to appeal the Administrative Hearing Officer’s decision.  Requests must be made to:

Superior Court of California

                                    Metropolitan Division

                                    1201 Truxtun Avenue

                                    Bakersfield, CA 93301

…within 30 days of the decision being rendered by the Administrative Review Hearing Officer if the hearing was in person, or of the date of mailing of the decision if the hearing was by mail. You will be required to pay a filing fee which will be refunded to you if you prevail. 




1.8.01  Revenue from Parking Permit Fees:  Revenue from parking permit fees is used to  reimburse the state for costs of constructing and operating parking facilities.  This includes the cost of personnel (labor), materials, and equipment to maintain and build parking lots and administer the parking program. 

1.8.02  Revenue from Fines and Forfeitures:  Parking citation revenue is statutorily restricted on how it can be expended.  It is not used in the development, construction, and maintenance of parking lots on campus, but is used solely for alternative means of transportation and the administration of the parking enforcement program. Section 89701.5 of the Education Code states: 

Monies in the State University Parking Revenue Fund received as parking fines and forfeitures shall be used exclusively for the development, enhancement, and operation of alternate methods of transportation programs for students and employees, for the mitigation of the impact of off-campus student and employee parking in university communities, and for the administration of the parking fines and forfeitures programs.

1.8.03 Parking Services and the UPD are not equipped to reimburse any money for mishaps using the parking meters or permit dispensers. A scratcher may be issued if it is determined to be a valid claim that the machines were inoperative.







2.1.01 Pursuant to Title 5, Article 7, Section 42201(a) of the California Code of Regulations, the University President may grant permission to park on campus, “to those persons who have paid a parking fee.”



2.2.01  The CSU Bakersfield President has authority to establish campus fees and increase or decrease those fees.  Pursuant to Section 8752 of the State Administrative Manual, departments are to recover full costs whenever goods or services are provided for others.  In accordance with those regulations, campus parking fees have been established and are contained herein. 

2.2.02  CSUB Parking Fees are:

            Semester Permits        $93 Automobile                      $22 Motorcycle

            Daily Permits              $6.00 per day

Metered Spaces           $2.00 per hour, $.25 per 8 mins., $.15 per 4 mins., $.10 per 3 mins.

                                                (one hour maximum)

            Activities Permit         $39 for 3 month minimum

            Clean Air Vehicle       No Charge


(These fees are subject to change)


2.2.03  Waiving of Parking Fees: Pursuant to California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 5 Division 5 Chapter 1 Subchapter 5 Article 7 §42201(b) provides authority to a University President to waive parking fees under limited circumstances. Through delegation of authority by the President, the Chief of Police or his/her designee may issue “visitor permits” and waive parking fees as follows: 

  1. Persons who are not employed by the campus and are official guests of the President or a Cabinet member who come to campus to transact official state business.
  2. 2.       Persons who are not employed by the campus that are doing volunteer work for the campus in general, not a specific School, Department, or other entity and who receive no pay for their service.  (For specific School or Department volunteers, see definition of “sponsored guests” in section 1.3.08).
  3. Persons, not employed by the campus, who have been invited to campus to participate in a job interview. 
  4. Individuals not employed by the campus who are appointed to boards, committees, or other official campus bodies whose purpose is to help provide or raise economic support for the campus. 
  5. Emeritus Faculty as designated by the President.
  6. Campus suppliers/vendors with contracts requiring regular service or delivery to the campus who are not a campus-based supplier (e.g. food/retail suppliers, copier repair contractors, technical support contractors).
  7. Other official guests of the campus as designated by the President.   

2.2.04    Special Events parking:  Definitions

Exempted  Lot:  A lot for which fees have been paid (or will be paid through a billing process); and parking enforcement has been suspended;– see sections 2.2.06 and 2.2.07.

Reserved Parking: Individual spaces or a portion of a lot for which fees have been paid (or will be paid through a billing process) and is reserved for a specific event or group – see section 2.2.07

2.2.05    Special Events and Campus Functions:  Organizers/sponsors of special events will be charged a parking fee for the use of campus parking lots. Fees are based on the number of vehicles expected, which is determined by the number of attendees expected.  The number of attendees is divided in half to determine the number of expected vehicles.  Parking Services determines the number of attendees based on information provided by the event organizer and historical information for the specific event.  For smaller functions or events in which a specific number of parking spaces are requested, a fee will be charged for the actual number of spaces.  


Fees are as follows:

University affiliated organization sponsored events for which a School or Department has requested parking arrangements as specified in 2.2.04:

Number of vehicles x $2.00 per vehicle  

Non University affiliated organization sponsored events for which parking arrangements have been requested as specified in 2.2.04:

Number of vehicles x $4.00 per vehicle

2.2.07    Additional fees will be applicable:

  • When Reserved Parking requires labor to set-up and take-down parking and traffic control equipment.
  • When active traffic and parking control is required by the size or type of event.


4-3-12              Updated parking meter fees    2.2.02

10-02-12          Updated for new parking designations and deleted section 1.3.23

9-04-13            Added Section 1.4.02a   No Vehicle may park or stand for more than 72 hours

2-12-14            Added Section 1.3.23   Reserved Parking for Vice Presidents

6-11-14            Revised Section 1.3.20   Temporary Disabled Parking Permits

3-12-15            Modified  1.2.03 to update parking lot designations and add new lot

Added Section 1.3.04a Clean Air Vehicle Parking

                        Modified Section 1.3.05 to include Clean Air Vehicle

                        Added 1.3.08i to include Clean Air Vehicle permit

                        Modified 2.2.02 to include Clean Air Vehicle

6-1-16              To be effective July 1, 2016

                        Updated 1.3..08

                                    Section c, changed quarters to semesters

                                    Section f, g, changed $1.50 to $2

                        Added 1.8.03