Emergency Preparedness - Faculty Responsibilities During Emergencies

In order to insure safety of students during times of critical incidents or disasters such as earthquakes, major fires, hazardous materials incidents or other major area wide situations, it is critical that students be provided guidance and pertinent information to enable them to evacuate campus facilities in the safest and most expeditious manner possible.

Pursuant to Government Code Sections 3100 and 31 01, which designates all state employees as Disaster Service Workers, faculty shall provide the following information to students during the first class session of each quarter.

  • Current building location where class is being held, i.e., DDH, Science Building 1, classroom Building, etc.
  • The designated collection point that individuals in that building should proceed to in the event of an evacuation.
  • Two evacuation routes from the classroom to the collection point.
  • By consistent provision of this information, students will obtain the information they need to guide them during evacuations and critical incidents.

    "I'm professor _________________. As part of the University's ongoing emergency preparedness efforts, I want to share some information with you to insure you know where you are and the safest manner in which to evacuate this building should the need arise. You are in __________________ Building. The collection point for this building is (Guide to Collection Points). If we have to evacuate this building, in the event of a major incident or disaster, proceed to the collection point by _______________________________ (describe the two most direct routes. Issue cautions regarding safety, debris, etc.)."