Emergency Preparedness - Earthquake

In the event of an earthquake:

  • Stay indoors during tremors. Take cover under tables or desks, (duck, cover and hold) or stand in a doorway;
  • Proceed to designated evacuation area for the building you are in;
  • After the tremor subsides, get out of doors and stand well clear of buildings, trees, or any other structure that has the potential to fall or collapse;

Follow procedures in this manual for fire, hazardous incidents, and serious injury as necessary; When a major earthquake has occurred, the campus community will be alerted by the campus communication system as to road conditions, potential hazards, and public announcements;

In the event of major damage and injuries, classes may be canceled, and the campus closed and evacuated of students, faculty, and non-essential staff. Students, faculty and staff will be notified by a combination of phone, building marshals, and police public address systems which will direct you to collection sites. Additional information can be obtained during major incidents via the outside audible speaker system.

Any evacuation will be between University Police, the City of Bakersfield, and the County of Kern.