Building Marshal Program

Building Marshals are responsible for assisting in the safe and orderly evacuation of campus facilities and buildings in the event of a disaster, preventing re-entry, and reporting injuries and probable locations of trapped individuals to the University Police. Training provided to these individuals will aid in establishing search and rescue priorities. As disaster service workers, marshals have the authority to insure that buildings are evacuated and secured.

The responsibilities of the campus Building Marshal are four fold:
  1. When prompted by a drill or real emergency situation, assist in the orderly evacuation of the building population from the structure.
  2. Secure building entrances, direct personnel to the designated collection points, and deny re-entry until informed by the University Police that it is safe to do so.
  3. Report building status to University Police at established locations (i.e., fully evacuated, location of trapped or injured individuals, etc...)
  4. Assist as directed in other emergency response activity.

If you would like additional information or would be interested in becoming a Marshal, contact the Police Department at (661) 654-2677