CSUB’s Emergency Messages –What they mean and what to do

In the event of an emergency or drill, the University Police Department may use the CSUB Alert System to communicate with the campus community via email, text, phone or public address system using the following key words or phrases:

Lockdown- When there is a threat or hazard inside a campus building
Example: Active shooter or armed intruder

  • Secure windows and doors
  • Turn off lights
  • Spread out
  • Keep quiet
  • Silence phones
  • Make a plan to protect yourself/others as a last resort

Shelter in Place – When there is a need to seek safety inside a building, classroom or office
Example: Weather – related event or hazardous situation

  • Close doors and windows and seal as tightly as possible, using tape, towels, etc.
  • Shut off heating / air conditioning if possible

Building Evacuation – When there is a potential hazard inside a campus building
Example: Earthquake or fire

  • Immediately exit buildings and walk to the nearest designated collection point
  • Follow the instructions of building marshals and first responders
  • Take your phone
  • Do not return to any building until cleared to do so by a building marshal or first responder

Campus Evacuation– When the campus is unsafe or unable to operate normally Example: Power outage or catastrophic event

  • Exit buildings and leave campus as directed
  • Leave calmly and in an orderly fashion
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Follow instructions of law enforcement personnel

All Clear– When the situation or drill is complete and the campus resumes operation.
Routine Test- "This is a test" may be broadcast during a drill or a routine test of the speaker notification system