Business and Administrative Services is a comprehensive division within the university offering excellent services to the campus community, achieved by advancing the intellectual and personal development of its staff. We emphasize staff learning through our commitment to customer service, subject matter expertise, ethical behavior, diversity equity and inclusion, campus community awareness and life-long learning. Business and Administrative Services collaborates with partners in the campus community and the California State University system to increase the university’s overall efficiency attainment, enhance its quality of work life, and support its responsibly stewarding of campus resources.


Business and Administrative Services will be a model for integrating our core values into all that we do and supporting and educating staff to become knowledgeable, engaged, innovative, and ethical leaders within the campus community and the California State University system.


Business and Administrative Services places customer service and staff excellence at the center of all we do. We are guided by a set of core values that shapes our work with the campus community, with each other, and with the university we serve. These core values include the following commitments:

  • Developing the intellectual and personal potential of every staff
  • Supporting the intellectual and professional development of all staff
  • Nurturing a collegial campus environment that values innovation, learning, and the pluralism of persons and ideas
  • Collaborating with one another with respect, trustworthiness, ethical behavior, and self-reflection
  • Promoting active and informed engagement with the campus community
  • Engaging with the campus community to achieve the vision, mission, and goals of the university
  • Contributing to the growth, well-being, and diversity, equity, and inclusion of the campus community


Business and Administrative Services will be a model for supporting and educating staff to become intentional in achieving a healthy organization that reflects a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. To this end, Business and Administrative Services shall be an organization that consists of people representing a diverse population, who are treated with equitable opportunities and resources, and that feel they are welcome.