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An Employees Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential referral and counseling service designed to help you and members of your family balance life challenges you face every day.  Our EAP is provided through Empathia Pacific, Inc. (Empathia).  Employees and any member of their household, including dependents living away from home, have 24-hour access to Empathia's "LifeMatters" EAP.

Comprehensive, confidential services are available to you and your family through LifeMatters, including:

  • Counseling
  • Financial Consultation
  • Legal Consultation
  • WorkLife Complete and so much more


LifeMatters services are provided by Empathia.  Empathia is governed by state and federal laws requiring confidentiality of client records. "Confidential" means that information given to LifeMatters may NOT be released to anyone without your permission in advance.  Not even your spouse can call to get information from your record without your permission.  If you have questions about confidentiality, please contact a LifeMatters Counselor.

Please see Tina Williams in Human Resources or contact at ext. 3205 for a brochure.  To access your EAP services, call (800) 367-7474 (strictly confidential).  For member services or to access online resources, visit  The company password is "csub".

Need Assistance?

Tina Williams

Director of Human Resources Administration
extension 3205

(661) 654-3205

Nancy Garcia

Human Resources Benefits Specialist
extension 2606

(661) 654-2606