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For CSUB Campus (Non-Auxiliary) Job Openings

We have updated our recruiting system and now use CHRS Recruiting.  A limited number of Faculty, Staff, and Management positions are now available for applicants to review and apply to using this new system. 
Please access this new site here:  CHRS Applicant Portal

For all other CSUB Campus Job Openings, applicants may apply and check on the status of individual CSUB Campus Job Openings and Faculty jobs by using the following links
CSUB Job/Applicant Portal
CSUB Faculty Employment

For CSUB Auxiliary Job Openings

CSUB Auxiliary and/or Foundation Job Openings are listed in the table below and can be accessed by clicking the Job# to view job announcement details.  Click on the column titles to sort the listing as needed. 

Horizontal Line

Use the following legend to determine the current status of the job opening:

Status Legend:

A = "Accepting Applications"
C = "Closed by Department"
F = "Filled"
S = "In Screening"
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To apply for any of the following CSUB Auxiliary position(s), please use a CSUB SPA Employment Application

Job # CSUB Auxiliary / SPA Job Announcements
Job Title
Status On Campus Only Mgmt Position Closing Date Last Update
151 ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR - NSME GO S Open until filled 8/11/21
159 RESEARCH TECHNICIAN (2 openings) A Open until filled 11/22/21
160 TRIO EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR 10-MONTH (2 openings) A 1/3/22 12/17/21
161 TRIO STUDENT SUCCESS COACH A 1/3/22 12/17/21



To apply for any of the following Foundation position(s), please use a Foundation Employment Application

Job #



Status On Campus Only Mgmt Position Closing Date Last Update
none at this time

Open All/Close All

Additional Information

After the closing date, all applications will be forwarded to the Hiring Department for further processing.  This stage takes approximately four to six weeks to complete.  Those applicants who are determined to be the most qualified for the position will be contacted for an interview.

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