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The Hiring Dept Recruitment Process web page provides campus hiring departments with the necessary information to complete a successful and timely recruitment for staff (non-faculty) or management positions.  Links to documents and information are separated into two primary categories:

  1. Forms required for a recruitment;
  2. Tools, forms and information to assist with completing the recruitment process

Please contact the Human Resources Programs Manager (extension 3203) during the recruitment process if you have any questions or need assistance.

Required Forms for Staff and Management (Non-Faculty) Recruitments

Form Title

Purpose and/or Use

Hire Authorization Form

Used for reappointments of current employees and to initiate the hiring of an emergency hire.

Hire Authorization Form Instructions

Instructions for using the Hire Authorization Form

Advertising Menu

Used to select various advertising options.

Qualifications Appraisal Rating Form

Used to assign a score and evaluate all candidates in a recruitment.

Telephone Reference Check Form

Standard format for conducting telephone reference checks on top candidate(s) to validate professional experience and information.

MPP Position Justification Form

Used to provide justifications for both the purpose and specific number of proposed additional management positions.

Optional Forms, Tools, and Information to assist with the Recruitment Process

Form Title

Purpose and/or Use

Interview Questions Guide / Sample Interview Questions

Overview of interview questions (including samples) that can be asked.

Need Assistance?

Kelly Zubia

Director, Talent Acquisition, Classification & Compensation

phone:  (661) 654-3203

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Candice McCarthy

Employment/Recruitment Specialist

phone:  (661) 654-3077

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Michelle Ponci

Employment/Recruitment Specialist

phone:  (661) 654-6267

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