The backbone of the PeopleSoft Finance System is the chart of accounts.  These fields and values provide a common language for classifying an organization's business transactions.  In PeopleSoft, chartfields are the segments that make up the Chart of Accounts and provide it with an overall structure.   These chartfields consist of seven fields to define specific transactions. 

Departments may request new chartfields by completing the Chartfield Request Form.  This form requires the approval from the appropriate administrator of the requesting department.  Requests for new chartfields are subject to the approval of the Controller and AVP of Financial Services.

Chartfield String Order

Business Unit, Fund, Department, Account, Program, Project, Class

Business Unit

The Business Unit identifies the CSU Bakersfield entity in which the specific transaction will be recorded.  CSU Bakersfield has five business units, one for the main campus and each of the four auxiliaries.

Business Unit
Entity Name Business Unit
CSU Bakersfield BKCMP
CSUB Associated Students Inc. BKASI
CSUB Foundation BKFDN
Auxiliary for Sponsored Programs BKSPA
CSUB Student Union BKSTU


The account chartfield is composed of six digits and is required on all transactions.  This chartfield is used to identify the type of activity and is classified as Assets, Liabilities, Fund Equities, Revenues, or Expenses to produce the Balance Sheet and Income Statement of the fund or entity.


The fund chartfield is composed of five alphanumeric characters which is used to account for specific activities or obligations.  This required chartfield identifies the funding source and tracks spending restrictions.  Request for miscellaneous trust funds require the completion of a Trust Agreement Form.  The main operating fund for CSU Bakersfield is BK001.


The department chartfield is composed of six alphanumeric characters which represents the detailed breakdown of campus organizational structures.  This chartfield identifies the area being charged and "who" is responsible for the transaction.  Department chartfields are required on all revenue and expenditure transactions.


The program chartfield is composed of four alphanumeric characters and is used to define a set of ongoing campus-wide activities for which revenues and/or expenditures need to be tracked separately.  This chartfield is not required and is available for the entire campus to use and can span multiple divisions and departments.  Program numbers are not restricted by start and end dates.


The project chartfield is composed of six alphanumeric characters and is not a required chartfield.  It is used to identify a discrete set of activities that occurs within a definite time period, though it may span more than one fiscal year.  The common types of projects include capital projects (major and minor capital outlay), sponsored grants, and miscellaneous departmental projects.


The class chartfield is composed of five alphanumeric characters and is used to track any specific operating expenses for internal purposes.  This chartfield is not required and may be used by various departments for different tracking purposes.  Class chartfields C0001 – C0100 are established for all campus end users to track internally a specific activity within a division or department.