Projects Under Construction

All projects listed are under construction or recently completed.

 Roof Replacements:

Currently the following buildings are undergoing roof reolacements:

  •  Classroom Building
  • Lecture Building
  • Administration East Building
  • University Advancement Building
  • Administration Building
  • Facilities Compound Building A-D

DORE Theater:

Building #39 – Women’s Dressing Room – Removing asbestos tile and replacing with new tile.

DORE Theater:

Structural services being completed. Rigging of main lines and connections to the structures as well as to the existing building.

Runner Café:

Building #38A – Stockdale room is getting a refresh and is being repainted.

Music Building:

Building #39A – Painting the interior of Office #’s 102, 106 and 108.

CSUB Central Plant:

Replacement of Flue

Science Building I:

Building # 30 – Installation of HazMat container and Chemical Storage in room 139.

WIFI Accessibility:

Campus Wide – Upgrade and installation of outdoor WiFi on various campus areas.

Campus Wide:

Repair and replacement of concrete trip hazards on various campus locations.

Science Building III:

Building # 48 – 2nd floor hallways and stairwells are getting a refresh with new paint.

Student Union:

Starbucks – Building # 53 – New sidewalk and fencing is being installed.

Energy & Engineering Innovation Building:

The project work includes updating the Feasibility Study report for the Energy & Engineering Innovation, & Extended Education and Global Outreach (EEI & EEGO) Building, which was completed by HGA Architects in December 2019 in collaboration with previous University Leadership.

Renovation of Classroom, Lecture & Administration Buildings:

This projects scope of work is to prepare ready for construction drawings for these buildings. The classroom accessible restrooms are included in this project.

Wellness Center Suite:

Scope of work for this project is the renovation of the Fit lab, room 202 at the Student Recreation Center, into the Wellness Suite. This will include an enclosed office, utilities modifications, blinds, furniture, and paint.

Child Care Restroom Renovations:

This project includes the removal of existing Men and Women staff restroom finishes and plumbing fixtures. The installation of new fixtures to meet ADA requirements and installation of new finishes.

Food Pantry, Demonstration Kitchen, and Basic Needs Office Design:

Scope of work for this project is to create space for a modular building for CSUB food pantry program to include food pantry, office space and pad for a food truck.

Student Union Finance Office:

This project consists of the remodel of existing Student Resource Center, Room 142 into the office for the AVP of Financial Services and Controller. The work consists of demo removal of existing interior windows, cabinets, plumbing, modifications to electrical, data/voice system, lighting, ceiling grid, HVAC System, fire alarm and fire sprinkler system as required for addition of the new office.

NSME Outdoor Shade Structure:

Project scope of work is to install steel shade structures south of Engineering for workstations.

Administration East Renovation:

Scope of work includes the removal and replacement of the existing finishes in the Administration East, installation of new t-bar ceilings, painting, flooring and other miscellaneous architectural finishes and the remodel of existing toilet rooms to meet ADA requirements.

Nursing Sim Lab:

Scope of work includes relocation of nursing sim lab into the Science Building. The spaces will include a waiting area, conference room, 3-4 exam rooms, control rooms and break room.

Aquatic Center:

This project consists of preparation of Conceptual drawings for the Aquatic Center. They will be used as “Bridging Documents” for follow up on Design/Build contract.

Dining Commons Remodel (Kegley Phase II):

This project consists of the remodel and expansion of the Kegley Center for Student Success.

Icardo Athletics Office Storefront Repair:

This project includes the remodel and replacement of the existing storefront system that makes up the north wall of the office section at northwest corner of the Icardo Center.

Bookstore HVAC Controls Upgrade:

This projects scope of work includes (2) NEMA3R outdoor rated enclosure with low voltage transformers, local disconnects and required relays, contacts and terminal block wiring with new ALC Controls for AH-1 & AH-2, New chilled water valve & heating Hot water valve with outdoor rated actuators, Economizer control, including new damper actuators, Extend EMS communications network from the existing TCP-LGR Panel to the new ALC AHU Controllers at the AHUs, Programming, testing, standard commissioning and user graphics, and site work.