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Our Supplemental Instruction (SI) program aims to support students in various courses at CSUB for free. SI consists of regularly scheduled peer-facilitated study sessions outside of the classroom. SI sessions are conducted in groups and emphasize the efficacy of collaborative learning in order for students to master course content, to prepare for exams, to discuss readings and assignments as well as to pick up effective learning strategies transferable to all courses.

Historically, students who attend SI have higher success rates in classes with SI and demonstrate increased confidence and positive attitudes about course.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Jacob Whitaker, Writing/Tutoring/SI Coordinator,

SI SPRING 2019 Schedule (Click Here)

We have now added SI to the following courses (Check schedule above to see if it's offered for your section):

Math 2770/1060

Chem 1000, 1600

Engineering 2070

Philosophy 1019

Contact Info

Location: Administration East 114A

Phone: 661-654-3497 or TBA at 661-654-6411


SI Spring 2019 Schedule