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Celebrate CAMP!

Annual CAMP Statewide Student Leadership Conference

  • 2015 CSU, Fresno
  • 2016 CSU, San Marcos
  • 2017 CSU, Sacramento
  • 2018 CSU, Monterey Bay
  • 2019 CSU, Bakersfield - April 12-14, 2019
  • 2020 Santiago Canyon Community College
  • 2021 Mendocino Community College
  • 2022 West Hills Community College
  • 2023 CSU, Long Beach
  • 2024 CSU, Fresno


CAMP Events

HEP/CAMP Partnerships with Migrant Education Regional Programs

"The thought of going into your first year of college can be truly terrifying! One perhaps starts thinking, "Am I ready for college?," or "Ok I am a college student, now what?" I know for a fact, especially towards the end of my senior year in high school, I was stressing myself with the thought of how I was going to get through my first year of college; that was until I met Maricela, one of the CAMP advisors. Right from the first conversation, I knew I wanted to go to CSU Bakersfield and become a part of the CAMP familia. By joining CAMP, I can assure you you'll be provided with all the tools and information necessary to get you through your first year of college successfully. Within the CAMP program, there are people that truly care for the success of one as a student. They make sure you stay on top of grades and certain deadlines, give you advice, and most importantly, they make you feel part of a family. By joining CAMP, and taking part of the summer program they have prior to your first year of college, I can guarantee that by the start of the new semester, you will already feel prepared and accustomed to the college environment. Don't think twice about it; join the CAMP family, you won't regret it!" - Carlos Barragan, Cohort 2019