Service Vehicle Information Sheet

Excerpted from the CSUB Parking Regulations: 

1.3.23 A request for a Vendor Parking Permit shall be made to Parking Services. There is a process to determine eligibility and individual need. Intent of Vendor Permits is to allow vendors whose vehicle is a required part of their performance of duties the ability to work close to their worksite. Personal vehicles are not intended to receive vendor permits. 

1.3.24 Faculty, Staff and Students of the California State University, Bakersfield are not eligible for Vendor Parking Permits. 

1.3.25 Vendor vehicles that have been granted the privilege of parking in areas other than legal parking spaces must adhere to the following: 

• Shall not travel at a speed greater than 5 MPH in areas other than on designated roadways. 

• Shall be kept in good working order, so as not to leak hazardous materials such as gasoline, diesel, oil, or anti-freeze, on inner campus roadways, walkways, or sidewalks. 

• Shall not park on any unpaved areas, such as grass, planted areas, or dirt areas unless permission has been obtained from Parking Services.

• Shall not park in any parking stall, or portion thereof, marked for specific purposes, without prior approval or permission from the California State University, Parking Services. 

• Shall not park in such a manner as to block, obstruct, impede, or delay, any emergency vehicle. 

• Vehicles parking near buildings; shall not block or obstruct any doorway or driveway, or any portion thereof.

1.3.26 Any vehicle found to be in violation of Section 1.3.25 is subject to citation for Forged, Altered, or Unauthorized use of a Permit, revocation of parking privilege, towing, and/or other action, as deemed necessary by the California State University, Bakersfield, Parking Services Department. Currently, the fine is set at $175.

CSU Bakersfield is attempting to reduce the amount of Service Vehicles on campus, and thus not all applications will be approved. Vehicles without a valid Service Vehicle permit will be required to purchase a parking permit and park in a legal space while on campus. There is no charge, at this time, for Service Permits, however this is under review. Please contact Parking Services at 661-654-2111 or if you have questions. 


Applications for Service Vehicle Permits are located at the University Police Department