Application Parking Citation Payment Plan Information

CSU Bakersfield offers individual(s) with multiple unpaid parking citations or citations totaling $200.00 or more to enroll in a payment plan pursuant to ICSUAM Policy 4071.00.

Payment Plan Details:

  • Applied late fees will not be removed but any late fees not yet applied will be placed on hold while the payment plan is in place.
  • Any citations with DMV registration holds will be temporarily removed during the duration of this payment plan. If the individual defaults on the payment plan (e.g. misses a scheduled payment), the remaining balance AND all fees placed on hold will be reinstated. A DMV registration hold will be placed on the vehicle’s registration.
  • If your payment plan is approved, a PMB customer service representative will contact you via e-mail in regards to your payment plan timeline and due date(s). A copy of the timeline and due date(s) will also be mailed to the address of the individual listed on the Payment Plan Application.
  • Any parking ticket(s) on a payment plan cannot be disputed.
Payment Plan Duration:
Payment Plan Balances under $200 Payment Plan Balances between $200-$400 Payment  Plan Balances over $400
Payment plan must be completed within 4 (four) months Payment plan must be completed within 6 (six) months Payment plan must be completed within 9 (nine) months

To enroll in a Parking Citation Payment Plan, you must submit:

  1. A COMPLETED Parking Citation Payment Plan application
  2. 2) Submit a non-refundable payment plan enrollment fee of $25.00 plus 10% of the payment plan total by check or money order