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MPP Employee Benefits

This brochure provides an overview of the benefits available to you as a Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employee. For more information about your benefit program details, please contact our campus Benefits Officer located in the Office of Human Resources.


Definitions and procedures regarding the CSU Classifications and Standards can be found on the CSUB Job Classifications web page.

Collective Bargaining

The University has an interest in the development of harmonious and cooperative labor relations between the University and its employees. It is University policy to neither encourage nor discourage the organization of employees nor the selection by employees of persons or organizations to represent them in the employment relationship with the University.

Employee organizations have traditionally offered a variety of benefit programs for their members, particularly insurance plans. Although some of these plans are payroll deductible, the University does not provide supervision or administration for these plans, so enrollment or other participation is a matter between you and your association. Inquiries about these various plans should be referred to the sponsoring employee organization.

The Public Employment Relations Board has authorized the following units for collective bargaining purposes. The units group together employees who are considered to have an internal or occupational community interest.

  • Unit 1   -  Physicians
  • Unit 2   -  Health Care Support
  • Unit 3   -  Faculty
  • Unit 4   -  Academic Support
  • Unit 5   -  Operation Support Services
  • Unit 6   -  Skilled Crafts
  • Unit 7   -  Clerical/Administrative Support Services
  • Unit 8   -  University Police
  • Unit 9   -  Technical Support Services
  • Unit 11 -  Academic Student Employees

Listing of specific classifications included in each unit may be found in the Memorandums of Understanding or in the negotiating proposals located in the Office of Human Resources.

Performance Evaluations

Supervisor's Guidelines, Evaluation Factors,  Evaluation Forms/Evaluation Process by bargaining unit and Instructions can be found here (click).

Progressive Discipline

CSUB Progressive Discipline Process


Hiring departments can find comprehensive CSUB Recruitment guidelines, processing tools, and forms here (click).

Workers' Compensation

Complete procedure and processing details regarding the CSUB Worker's Compensation program can be found here (click).

Management Personnel Plan (MPP) Background

Prior to 1984, CSU management and supervisory positions, as defined by the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA), were classified in task-oriented narrowly-defined classifications.

In 1984, the CSU replaced this management/supervisory classification structure with the Management Personnel Plan (MPP). The MPP, defined in Title 5, Article 2.2, is an integrated personnel system addressing employment rights, benefits and conditions for employees designated as "management" or "supervisory" under HEERA.

The MPP was and is designed to be a flexible personnel program consisting of four very broad generic classification levels (Administrator I, II, III and IV) and correspondingly broad salary ranges.