Roads and Grounds

CSUB Roads and Grounds employees work year-round to maintain our campus and keep it looking beautiful and safe for our students and for our community.

To report an issue regarding Road and Grounds, please fill out a work request and choose "Broken Sprinkler/Roads and Grounds" as the repair center.

The following services and tasks are either completed on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Mowing and Landscaping Services

Mowing of our campus is done once a week during the summer hours and bi-weekly or as needed during the winter months.

Edging, trimming and pruning is done weekly and as needed around campus.

Blowing off building entrances and walkways is done daily from 5am to 8am.

In order to avoid any interruption or distraction to student learning, the Roads and Grounds Department will generally avoid using loud power tools near or around classroom buildings after 8:30am.


Our campus utilizes an electronic irrigation management system. It uses local weather and environmental conditions to determine the amount of water needed to maintain the landscape. Irrigation schedules are developed to best utilize the available water pressure on campus, and to minimize runoff to conserve as much water as possible.

Should an outdoor event require irrigation to be shut off, please submit a work request to have irrigation shut off during and or prior to an event.

Please notify us if you notice any broken sprinklers or irrigation pipes by emailing or texting to

For additional instructions regarding pest control, please click here .

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To ensure your work request is completed in a timely manner, please give us 2 weeks notice for routine requests.