Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Too hot?  Too cold?  We need to know! 

To report a problem, please submit a Work Request and choose “Climate Conditions” as the repair center.  A Work Request is required regardless of whether or not charges are incurred. 

If your issue requires emergency response, please call x2211 in addition to filling out a work request.

*Please be aware that in order to comply with Executive Order 987 (http://www.calstate.edu/eo/EO-987.html), we will not be able to heat your offices above 68 degrees, nor cool below 78 degrees.  We do apologize for any discomfort this may cause. 

For events outside of regularly scheduled hours of campus operation, please contact the Office of Events Scheduling at x6034 for room reservation instructions, which includes HVAC services.

Emails are not a substitute for a Work Request.

Submit a Work Request

Work Request Button

Click the picture to be taken to our Work Order System.

To ensure your work request is completed in a timely manner, please give us 2 weeks notice for routine requests.