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Report something broken?

If you have an emergency request that requires immediate attention, please call x2211 first, then fill out a Work Request. 

All requests, even those for general maintenance, need to be reported on a Work Request.

How do I submit a Work Request?

Navigate to our Work Request link (it looks like tools and it's found all over this website) and you'll be directed to our ServiceNow work order website. 

Choose:  Facilities Service Catalog – then select the box that matches your request/need.

Fill out the request form as follows:

“Reported by” – Your name will be auto filled in the form

“Site” – Select your site from the drop down menu

“Order Summary” – this box will auto fill (no entry needed)

“Description” – Describe the request in as much detail as possible

“Chargeback Information” – Will this be a chargeback?  If yes, check the box and enter the chartfield information.

Hit “Submit” to send your request.


Here is a list of the ServiceNow request categories:

Asset Management – disposal of state-tagged equipment

Broken Sprinklers / Roads & Grounds  – irrigation/sprinkler issues, tree issues, etc.

Custodial Request – clean up spills, light tube replacement, extra cleaning

Event Set Up and Rentals


Locks and Keys and Access Control

Move People or Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Request

Pest Control

Repairs – Trades work (ie: plumbing, locksmith, carpenter, painter, etc.)

Report a Safety Issue – please call x2211 first, then fill out a Work Request

Service Estimate/Project Estimate

Roads & Grounds – tree issues, irrigation/sprinkler issues

Vehicle Operations – car, truck, electric cart, trailer, etc.

Climate Conditions – heating and A/C concerns


How long will it take for non-emergency work to be completed?

That’s the toughest question we get asked.  The easy answer is as soon as we possibly can get to you -- a week to ten days is usual for most common work requests.  Of course, we are a department operated by human beings and subject to reduced staffing levels at this time, and we truly appreciate your patience.

Will I be charged for the work I requested?

You will not be charged for general maintenance of State owned buildings; i.e. light bulb replacement, bathroom maintenance, repairs to doors, broken windows, and defective electrical outlets. 

Additional services such as office moves, installation of department-specific equipment, custodial services outside those routinely performed, and event preparation and tear down, will be charged to your department.

What repair center do I use for…?

Light tubes = Custodial Request

Pest control = Pest Control

Heating/cooling issues = Climate Conditions

I’m too hot or cold.

Please fill out a work request and choose "Climate Conditions" as your repair center. 

Please be aware that in order to comply with Executive Order 987(, we will not allowed to heat your offices above 68 degrees, nor cool below 78 degrees.

How do I request tables and chairs for my event and how much do they cost?

First ... reserve your space in the 25Live system. 

If you will be renting tables and chairs from the Facilities Management Department instead of from an outside vendor, you must submit a work request AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of your event.  When submitting your request, you will need to specify the date, time, location, and requested set-up.  If you need to fax us a diagram, please include your work order or request number (found on the emailed confirmation) and fax to us at (661) 654-2290.

Fees for equipment rental will be charged in addition to any fees stated on your space reservation form.   Your department is responsible for the request and the associated costs.

Our fee schedule lists rental charges for common equipment.  Please note that media equipment such as microphones or projectors must be requested from Media Services at (661) 654-2391.