Scholarships for Theatre Majors

Scholarship applications are generally due in early May for the following academic year. Announcements are posted on the theatre callboard.

To apply, students write a letter of application and turn it into the Theatre Department Office along with a current transcript and résumé. An Academic Scholarship Application must also be on file at the Financial Aid Office.

Students then participate in a “Theatre Interview” at which time they present monologues, a prompt book, or a portfolio of their work.

In addition, the Theatre Faculty may grant scholarships to students attending the CSU Summer Arts Program. Interested students should write a letter of application and submit a résumé to the Department Chair.

Available Scholarships:

Dorian Society Scholarships
Open to any Art, Music or Theatre major who will be a full-time student in the following year.
Armand Hammer Fine Arts Scholarships
Must be a full-time Art, Music or Theatre major in residence.
Preference given to those with junior standing as of the following fall quarter.
Must have 3.0 GPA or in the top 20% of his/her discipline.
Must exhibit outstanding talent and potential in his/her field.
Ham & Wry Scholarships
For full-time theatre majors who participate in the production program each quarter next year. Criteria include academic and artistic achievement and potential, history of participation in the Theatre program, and financial need.
Carol Channing/Harry Kulijian Scholarships
For students who have proven track records in the arts. An additional audition/portfolio presentation may be required.