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Have you ever wanted to explore California and do fun outdoor activities along the way? Outdoor Adventures is the program for you. We offer a variety of fun outdoor activities to help you experience all that California has to offer; including: bouldering, rock climbing, hiking, camping, surfing, horseback riding, zip-lining, kayaking, skiing/snowboarding, and more.

All of our trips are planned so that all you will need to do is register. We will provide the transportation, gear that you will need for the trip, and most trips meals and snacks. You may be wondering, how much will these trips cost me? All of the trips we provide are priced to make them very affordable to Students and SRC Members. For students we subsidize the cost of each trip 40% from your student fees. This means the costs are lower for you to come with us on and adventure, than to go on your own. 

Spring 2018 Trips Schedule: Registration Opens January 22nd!

Moutain High Skiing/Snowboarding Trip | February 3rd (Saturday) or February 10th (Saturday) | 7:00AM-10:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 27

Price: $110 Student, $90 No Rentals | $180 Member, $145 No Rentals

It’s the winter season! Join us for the day as we hit the slopes at Mountain High for some Skiing and Snowboarding. Even if you’re new to Skiing or Snowboarding there’s still fun to be had on the mountain. Gear rentals, lift pass, lunch, and transportation are provided for this trip. Skiing and Snowboarding instruction is not included. Please take note that this is two seperate trips, there are 27 spots available for either day.

Wind Wolves Preserve Hike | February 17th (Saturday) | 10:00AM-4:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 20

Price: $10 Student | $15 Member

This nearly 7-mile loop is in the mountains to the southwest of Bakersfield at the Wind Wolves Preserve. The Wind Wolves Preserve is an ecologically unique region where the Transverse Ranges, Coast Ranges, Sierra Nevada, western Mojave Desert and San Joaquin Valley converge. This provides an array of opportunities to witness a wide variety of plant and animal life, such as the Tule Elk, the California Condor, and the Bakersfield cactus. In all the Wind Wolves Preserve covers 93,000 acres of wild land, that is available to explore. Lunch and transportation are provided for this trip.

Apple Valley Crags Rock Climbing Overnight | February 23rd-24th (Friday-Sunday) | TBA-5:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 9

Price: $35 Student | $45 Member

Winter has come, and the cold has settled in, but the temperatures to the south east are perfect for climbing. Apple Valley Crags hosts some impressive rock walls without the crowds. Even if you’ve never climbed before this a great opportunity to try it out. We’ll be camping out right next to the crags, and getting the most out of our climbing time! Come climbing with us and learn how to belay while improving your climbing technique. Meals, climbing and camping equipment, and transportation to Apple Valley Crags are provided for this trip.

China Peak Skiing/Snowboarding Overnight | March 2nd-4th (Friday-Sunday) | TBA-8:30PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 13

Price: $220 Student, No Rentals $150 | $$350 Member, No Rentals $240

Did you miss the Mountain High Trip or want more time at the mountain? Join us for a weekend of Skiing or Snowboarding as we hit the slopes at China Peak on Saturday and Sunday. We will be staying in a cabin in Shaver Lake, only a 30-minute drive from the ski resort. Even if you’re new to Skiing or Snowboarding there’s still fun to be had on the mountain. Gear rentals, lift pass, lodging, and transportation are provided for this trip. Food and snacks will be provided, but lunch at China Peak is on your own. Skiing and Snowboarding instruction is not included.

Sunset Sea Kayaking | March 10th (Saturday) | 3:00PM-9:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 21

Price: $35 Student | $55 Member

Come enjoy the picturesque view of the Channel Islands Harbor for a sunset sea kayaking tour with the CSU Channel Islands Boating Center Staff. With the beautiful sights of the islands and the occasional dolphin sighting, this is a trip you do not want to miss. We’ll get to know the Boating Center staff, then layer up and get on the water as the day turns to night. Sunset kayaking sessions last approximately 3 hours. Dinner, transportation and gear provided.

Bishop Camping/Bouldering* Weekend | March 16th-18th (Friday-Sunday) | 8:00AM-5:00PM

Activity Level: Easy/Moderate

Spots Available: 9

Price: $55 Student | $65 Member

Come experience world class bouldering around Bishop in the Eastern Sierras. The boulder problems range from easy to extremely difficult; however, there are so many different boulders out there you won't find a lack of climbs within your comfort level. In fact, there are so many different climbs we won't be able to see half of it in a day, so we will be camping overnight! You will be able to experience this world-renowned boulder site, wonderful starry skies, and the massive mountains that surround Bishop. Meals, camping supplies, climbing rentals, and transportation are provided for this trip. 

Kern River Rafting | April 7th (Saturday) | 8:00AM-5:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 10

Price: $110 Student | $185 Member

The Wild and Scenic Kern River springs from the high Sierra Nevada mountains near Mount Whitney and flows southwest through the Sequoia National Forest toward Bakersfield. Join us for a guided rafting trip on the Upper Kern River with Mountain and River Adventures for the fast-moving thrills and white water that allow you to run the premium rapids more than once. This trip will take you through some tough rapids to give the opportunity to conquer the “big ones;” they await you in the Upper Kern canyon. Lunch, gear, and transportation are provided for this trip.

Kernville Mountain Biking | April 14th (Saturday) | 7:00AM-2:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 10

Price: $60 Student | $100 Member

The adventure begins at 7000' and traverses through forest, high chaparral and high desert geographic characteristics unique to the Sequoia National Forest. Easy to moderate mountain trails and fire roads offer a glorious 3-4 hour descent to the valley floor.  Join us for a guided mountain biking trip in the southern Sequoias with Mountain and River Adventures! Lunch, gear, and transportation are provided for this trip.

Leadership Development Weekend | April 20th-22nd (Friday-Sunday) | 3:00PM-6:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spots Available: 9

Price: $55 Student | $65 Member

This training weekend is the perfect place to begin learning outdoor skills for those interested in becoming an Outdoor Adventures Trip Leader or just wanting to become more confident in the outdoors. Supplement your time attending the Instructor Development Program clinics, with some hands-on experience. We will spend the weekend camping, hiking, and climbing, all while learning the necessary skills you must have to become a confident outdoor leader. If you have any questions about becoming a trip leader, please email us at outdooradventures@csub.edu

Pine Mountain Bouldering* | April 28th (Saturday) | 8:00AM-6:00PM

Activity Level: Easy/Moderate

Spots Available: 9

Price: $15 Student | $20 Member

Enjoy some of the finest sandstone bouldering this side of the Sierras on our Pine Mountain Bouldering trip. If you’ve never climbed on real rock, or if you’re an experienced climber, there’s something out here for you to climb. Learn some bouldering and spotting techniques while enjoying the cool mountain air. Lunch and transportation are provided for this trip.

Wilderness & Remote First Aid Certification Course | May 5th-6th (Saturday-Sunday) | 8:00AM-5:00PM

Activity Level: Easy

Spot Available: 10

Price: $25 Students | $30 Members 

This Wilderness & Remote First Aid certification, also known as the WFA, will offer you valuable knowledge of first aid in the back country. Whether you are interested in becoming a trip leader for our program, or just want to feel more comfortable while hiking with your friends; this course teaches you skills that will prepare you for whatever happens out there. Hosted at the SRC, this 2 full-day training will provide you with beneficial knowledge for avid adventurers and newcomers alike. You must currently possess valid Basic First Aid/CPR/AED certifications.

San Onofre Surfing Overnight | June 1st-3rd (Friday-Sunday) | 3:00PM-5:00PM

Activity Level: Easy/Moderate

Spot Available: 13

Price: $125 Students | $180 Members

San Onofre State Beach is one of California's most popular beaches and hosts surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, campers, kayakers, birders, fishermen and bicyclists. It is one of the top five most-visited state parks in California.  Whales, dolphins, and sea lions can be seen offshore from time to time. Join us for a two-day surfing experience at San Onofre beach enjoying the sun and waves of Southern California. You must be able to swim to attend this trip. Meals, Gear, and Transportation included.

*Bouldering is a form of rock climbing which takes place on boulders and other small rock formations, usually measuring less than 20 feet from ground to top, and does not include the use of ropes or harnesses.


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For more information about the Outdoor Adventures program, please contact:

Marshall McArthur
Coordinator - Outdoor Adventures and Experiential Education
Phone: (661) 654-2709
Email : outdooradventures@csub.edu 

Joshua Coy
Student Manager - Outdoor Adventures (Trips) 
Phone: (661) 654-2733
Email :


Trips are pet, alcohol, and drug free (in compliance with University policy).


There is a no refund policy for Outdoor Adventure Trips, unless the trip is cancelled. In the event of a cancellation, you may transfer your registration to other trips available during the semester. If a refund is announced, you will have 30 days after the date of the trip to transfer the funds to another trip, or to submit for a refund.


Due to the nature of outdoor recreation all locations, activities and times are subject to change. Weather, water levels, trail conditions, roads closures, and fires can change any trip with little warning. We appreciate the patience, understanding, and flexibility of all parties involved in our outings. If changes need to be made we will update our information in a timely manner and will always notify registered participants as soon as possible.