Pledge to Students

The CSU Bakersfield campus will move from a quarter to semester calendar effective Fall 2016. In transitioning to semesters, protecting the academic progress of our students has been our highest priority during the planning process. To honor our pledge to students, the University has created the following principles to ensure that students are not adversely affected in their time to graduation during the transition period.

  1. CSU Bakersfield is committed to providing students with sufficient advising opportunities in developing a specific degree completion program. These are called: Individualized Academic Plans or IAP's.
  2. These Individualized Academic Plans (IAPs) will require the joint effort of the student and the University. Students, of course, will need to participate in their IAP process and follow the plan as agreed upon.
  3. Students are ensured that they will not lose earned academic credits as the campus moves from a quarter to semester calendar. Quarter units will be shifted to semester credits following the traditional semester conversion formula.
  4. Faculty will work to blend, where necessary, coursework requirements from the quarter based catalog to the new semester degree program requirements. This information will be part of the students IAP.
  5. The University and students accept a partnership agreement in the prescribed advisement process. The student must participate in the advisement process and then follow that plan. If the student "stops out" of their program or chooses to deviate from the IAP then additional time toward degree or other adjustments will be needed.
  6. It is anticipated that as students follow their IAP's and maintain the same consistent rate of credit accumulation, they will be able to complete their degree as they had planned.
  7. Student's annual tuition and fees under the semester system will not be greater than they would be under the quarter system.
  8. The conversion should not adversely affect student's financial aid.