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Official Web Site of The Psychology Club at CSUB

What's up?! You just stumbled upon the most awesome club page around: Psychology Club! Here you will find all of the information pertaining to our club, as well as what it takes to get involved! Should you be interested in becoming a member and joining in on all of our antics, simply browse this page and you will find everything you need. Or, if you would rather talk to a club officer directly, feel free to email us and any one of us will be happy to answer your questions and get you on your way to being a member! The Psychology club is involved with a ride variety of organizations and clubs on and off campus, and is committed to making a difference. We are also a club full of people who like to have fun and spread positive vibes. Joining the club means that you are committed to being a psychology major, making a difference on and off the campus, and enjoying yourself. Study groups happen often within the club, as most of the members have classes with each other. With that being said, strong friendships also come out of this club, and it's a great way to be social! So browse around, click on some links, and enjoy the life of a Psych-O!

-Cody Whitson, Public Relations Officer

Voting Membership List
Membership through Summer 2015
Dawn Oxford
Joel Rodriguez
Manuel Viera
Efrain Rodriguez
Kathryn Dumas
Elizabeth Liles
Jennifer Sanchez
Jennie Heffler
Leslie Smith
Pilar Coppes
Chris Sanders
Stacy Dalere
Alex Marina
Sara Medzyk
Ezequiel Rodriguez III
Susanna Villarreal
Cindy Jones
Barby Rodriguez
Rebelca Hernadez
Andrew Sutter
Carla Cook

Membership through Fall 2014
Ashley Stapley
Stephanie Belcher
Diana Delgado
Natalia Serrano
Luz Delgado
Lauren Harmon

Membership through Winter 2015
Cody Whitson
Tawney Schafer
Dylan Kumar

Membership through Spring 2015
Samantha Ost
Amber Weller

Open Quote
...To benefit psychology majors, the CSUB campus, and the community at large. Close Quote
Mission Statement

Meeting Times

Spring '15 meeting times are Mondays at 12:30 in the blue room of the Student Union.