Many schools have a transfer application deadline of Nov. 30 for the following Fall, some schools will accept applications substantially later. Procedures, forms, and deadlines for applying are all found online, go to the school web site and click on the Prospective Student link. We strongly urge students to apply to multiple schools, even students with outstanding GPAs can be rejected due to very high numbers of applicants, lacking courses, or due to an error made on the transfer application.


Many "engineers" have a degree in a field other than Engineering. You can be a petroleum or environmental engineer with a geology degree. You can be a chemical engineer with a chemistry degree. You can be an aeronautical engineer with a physics degree. These alternative degrees are all offered at CSUB, no transferring required. For most technical jobs, graduates with science degrees are just as likely as engineers to be hired. But, yes, for some engineering professions it is advantageous to have an engineering degree.

Engineering Degrees At CSUB

A Computer Engineering degree and Electrical Engineering degree are now available.

For information about the above degrees please contact the Department of Computer Science and Computer and Electrical Engineering or contact Erika Moreno at (661) 654-3082.

CSUB now offers an Engineering Sciences degree. This degree features a core of mechanical engineering courses with an emphasis on management.

Department of Physics and Engineering

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