Lee Webb

(Photo taken by The Californian)

Lee Webb Math Field Day

47th Annual Lee Webb Math Field Day will be held at CSUB on Saturday, February 24, 2018

A field day for high school mathematics students has been held annually since 1971.  In 2001, the CSUB Mathematics Department, which hosted the event almost from the beginning, voted to change the name of the event to the Lee Webb Math Field Day to honor Professor Webb, who was the principal director of the event for its first 29 years. 

This year, the field day will consist of several competitions listed below.   New Rules for Team Medleys: 4 students per team – up to 3 teams per school.
  • Freshman-Sophomore Individual Medley (Div A & Div B)      
  • Junior-Senior Individual Medley (Div A & Div B) 
  • Freshman-Sophomore Team Medley (Div A & Div B)
  • Junior-Senior Team Medley (Div A & Div B)
  • Freshman-Sophomore Math Bowl
  • Junior-Senior Math Bowl
  • Math Humor (skits, poems, songs - etc)

Team Leaders (usually a teacher/coach from the school) should fill out the team entry form below.

Students from schools without a team may enter Individually - fill out the individual entry form below.

Also:  During the day the CSUB FABLAB and the Robotics Lab will be open for tours.

Sponsored by:

   California Mathematics CouncilCSU Bakersfield Math Department