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The Biology Department has state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities for teaching and research. Research faculty members have individual laboratories with specific equipment used in their field of research. If you have a specific question about research capability in a particular field of study, please contact the faculty members who are experts in that particular area.

The Biology Stockroom

The Science Stockroom provides a variety of services to the Departments of Biology. Laboratory and field materials and equipment are available on a checkout basis. General laboratory supplies are available for classroom use and can be purchased on a recharge basis for research laboratories. All class and most faculty orders are placed through the Science Stockroom. All deliveries for Biology and Chemistry are received and distributed by the stockroom. Additionally, calculators and I-clickers can be rented, on a quarterly basis, from the stockroom.

The Science Stockroom is the hazardous and bio-hazardous materials collection point for the departments of Biology and the Health Center. The MSDS's for all chemicals in Science Buildings I and II are kept at the stockroom, and are available to students and faculty alike. Any questions about the stockroom can be answered by Mr. Christopher "Chris" Vanni.

Environmental Studies Area (ESA)

The Environmental Studies Area (ESA) is an official CSU research center that is an approximately 20-acre fenced area of former cropland located in the southeast portion of the CSUB campus. The area was established in 1975, and the Biology Department is charged with its management. 

About 10 acres of the ESA is maintained in a "wild" state that is used by faculty and students for teaching and research and by visitors to study and learn about the environment. The mission of the ESA is to enhance understanding of the environment and to foster an appreciation of nature by supporting teaching, research, and community outreach. Dr. David Germano is the director of ESA and FACT.

Facility for Animal Care and Treatment (FACT)

The Facility for Animal Care and Treatment (FACT) occupies approximately four acres within the ESA boundaries. A key function of FACT is to rehabilitate endangered or protected non-game species, with a special focus on birds of prey. Sick or injured animals are treated and retrained so they can be reintroduced into their natural habitat. Some birds require relatively little treatment, while others need extensive medical treatment and prolonged care and training. Birds of prey that are unable to be released are housed at the facility and used as part of a public education and outreach program.  Check out FACT on facebook:!/pages/Facility-for-Animal-Care-Treatment/114909715239862

The remaining acreage is occupied by a community desert garden and aanctuary for the federally protected desert tortoise. There are four permanent structures at the ESA: a lab and office used by FACT, a greenhouse, bird cages, and an observatory. Dr. David Germano is the director of ESA and FACT.

CSUB Greenhouses

The Biology Department has two modern greenhouses used for teaching and research. Contact Dr. R. Brandon Pratt if you have any questions about the greenhouses.