If you are unclear what Student Center your major falls under, please click here to view a list of majors offered with their corresponding Student Center.


Academic Advising & Resource Center (AARC)

Student Services Building, Room B101 , 661-654-2700

Arts and Humanities (A&H) Student Center

Humanities Office Building (HOB), front desk, 661-654-2221

Business and Public Administration (BPA) Student Center

Business Development Center (BDC) Office Building, Room 123, 661-654-2326

Extended University Degree Programs

Business Development Center (BDC), Building C, 661-654-2441

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (NSME) Student Center

Science I Building, Room 116, 661-654-6322

Nursing Student Center

Romberg Nursing Education Center, 661-654-2505

Social Sciences and Education (SSE) Student Center

Education Building, Room 103, 661-654-6807

Antelope Valley Advising Center

AV Campus, Building 400, Room 111, 661-952-5000