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Photo of Chicano dancers.
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Four courses are required for the Chicano Studies Minor.

Required Courses

Three courses from the following (one from each group).

1. HIST 468 Mexican-American History
2. SOC 327 Race and Ethnic Relations or SOC 335 The Latino Experience in the United States or PLSI 329 Latino Politics
3. SPAN 425 Chicano Literature, or SPAN 420 Southwest Spanish, or SPAN 426 Southwest Hispanic Folklore

Elective Courses

Select one additional course from the following:
1. ANTH 350 Peoples of Mexico
2. HIST 435 The Latin-American Mind
3. HIST 436 Inter-American Relations
4. HIST 441 Ancient Mexico
5. HIST 442 Colonial Mexico
6. HIST 443 Modern Mexico
7. PLSI 324 Politics in Mexico
8. SPAN 303 Hispanic-American Literature
9. SPAN 416 Contemporary Hispanic-American Poetry
10. SPAN 419 Contemporary Hispanic-American Novel
11. SPAN 424 Culture and Civilization of Mexico and the Chicano/Mexican Americans
12. SPAN 495 Workshop in Mexican-American Literature
13. Other course approved individually by the Committee