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The interdisciplinary concentration in Chicano Studies is a more inclusive alternative to the Chicano Studies Minor and provides an opportunity for students to develop an awareness of concepts and theories pertaining specifically to the contemporary Chicano, as well as the educational, historical, and sociological foundations of Chicano life today. It is designed to benefit students working toward careers or activities in business, education, corrections, social work, or other areas where service to the Chicano community may be an integral part of the job. When the baccalaureate degree is conferred, the diploma includes the information that the concentration in Chicano Studies has been successfully completed.

Individuals who already have a baccalaureate or higher degree may obtain a Certificate in Chicano Studies by successful completion of the concentration requirements alone. At least 25 of the required 45 quarter units must be earned while in residence at California State University, Bakersfield. Students may petition the Chicano Studies Committee to have credits previously earned accepted in replacement of equivalent courses approved for the concentration.


Satisfactory completion of nine courses approved for the concentration and selected in consultation with the student's advisor and/or chair of the Chicano Studies Committee. No more than four courses may be selected from the same department.

1. Three of the seven courses will be those listed on page 116 as required courses for the Chicano Studies Minor.
2. Six elective courses chosen from those listed on page 116 for the Chicano Studies Minor.

Students interested in pursuing this concentration should contact the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (DDH B102, 654-2221).