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Chicano/Latino Faculty
Photo of Chicano dancers.
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Student Links
Monica Ayuso English
Irene Borrego Education/Teacher Education
Janice Chavez Education/Special Education
Helia Corral Modern Languages and Literature
Gene Gallegos Education/Advanced Educational Studies
Augustine Garcia Education/Advanced Educational Studies
Emilio Garza6 Education/Advanced Educational Studies
Nella Gonzales Education/Advanced Educational Studies
Eugene Martinez Education/Advanced Educational Studies
Mark Martinez Political Science
Thomas Martinez Public Policy and Administration
Robert Mejia3 Social Work
Edna Molina3 Sociology; Chicano Studies Advisory Committee
Anthony Nuno2 Modern Languages and Literature; Chicano Studies Advisory Committee
Robert Provencio Music
Kristen Ramirez Education/Teacher Education
Jose Reyna Modern Languages and Literature; Chair, Chicano Studies Advisory Committee
Alicia Rodriquez History
Gonzalo Santos Sociology
Joanne Schmidt Modern Languages and Literature
Isabel Sumaya Psychology
Jorge Talamantes Physics/Geology
Javier Trigos Mathematics
Teresa Fernandez Ulloa - Modern Languages and Literature
Luis Vega Psychology
Jorge Yviricu Modern Languages and Literature