Debra Jackson

Debra Jackson is Professor of Philosophy. Her research focuses on legal, political, and epistemological issues regarding gender and race, especially with regard to sexual violence against women. She has published essays on crisis intervention and rape survivor advocacy as a form of witnessing trauma (Critical Trauma Studies: Understanding Violence, Conflict, and Memory in Everyday Life), on racialized assumptions in anti-rape discourse (Studies in Practical Philosophy: A Journal of Ethical and Political Philosophy), and on the representation of gender, race, and sexuality in television (Slayage: The Journal of Whedon Studies) and online gaming environments (World of Warcraft and Philosophy: Wrath of the Philosopher King). Dr. Jackson also co-authored Critical Thinking: A User's Manual, now in its second edition, with Paul Newberry.

Dr. Jackson is currently serving as Interim Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities.


Critical Thinking Second Edition

Trauma Studies