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Beyond the Books

Orlando Rivera, CSUB senior

Hometown: Wasco, CA; a beautiful place surrounded by large rose fields. Every once in a while the people living in the countryside will ride into town on horseback. No kidding.

Degree objective: B.S. in math and a minor in studio art. It is a strange combination, but it makes me happy.

Background: I am originally from Morelos, Mexico, but have lived in Wasco most of my life. I’m the first generation from my family to attend college.

Highlight of CSUB: This summer I had the privilege of attending the CSU Summer Arts program in Florence, Italy. I was there for three weeks studying nude figure drawing and landscape painting using all sorts of medium. I learned a great deal of art history because we would visit different sites every day. I got to indulge in the culture, the food, and the wine – in a self-controlled manner, of course.

Influences: I look up to my parents, they are hardworking and humble people. I also look up to CSUB and Wasco High professors, staff, administrators and students/friends for their accomplishments, for their help, and for being like family to me.

Proudest accomplishment: I’m proud of completing my first year at CSUB. Since beginning at CSUB I felt a bit unqualified because I was accepted into the university under probationary status. I am now sure that whatever difficulties I may face in the future, whether financial or just tough classes, I’ll get through them.

Passions and interests: There is a part of me that is passionate about art in general; everything that encompasses studio art, music, theater and literature. Still, I find myself involved in a love affair with math because it can be simple and yet complex, it is full of reason and logic, and it’s challenging and worth learning.

Favorite thing about CSUB: It’s the diversity of students: their points of view, their backgrounds, their goals and ambitions, and their cultures.

Future profession: I plan to teach at the high school level math, art or both to impact the lives of the students in my community.

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Orlando Rivera