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This page provides instructions on how to complete the forms related to Student Worker Employment.


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Confidentiality Agreement for Student Workers and Volunteers

Who: Student Worker or Volunteer

When: Use this form to certify that the student worker or volunteer has completed the requirements for access and will comply with the policies governing campus information systems.

How: Complete the form, acquire the appropriate signatures, make a copy for your department, and route the completed form to Information Technology Services.

Form: Confidentiality Agreement for Student Worker and Volunteer

To find out more, go to: PeopleSoft Student Administration Access Request Forms

Direct Deposit Authorization

Who: Student Worker

When: Use this form to authorize the State Controller’s Office to make direct deposits to your banking account.

How: Complete the form, attach required documentation, and route to Human Resources.

Form: Direct Deposit Authorization

To find out more, go to: HR Forms, Guides and Procedures

Student Assistant Separation

Who: Student Worker

When: Use this form upon separation from California State University, Bakersfield.

How: Complete the form, acquire appropriate signatures, and deliver to Human Resources.

Form: Separation Clearance

To find out more, go to: HR Forms, Guides and Procedures

Student Photo ID Application

Who: Student

When: Use this form to request a new or replacement photo identification card, also known as RunnerCard.

How: Complete the form and take the completed form to the RunnerCard Office.

Form: Student Photo ID Application

To find out more, go to: RunnerCard