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Why Join CSEA?

Why Join CSEA?

Representation:  Why not give yourself a voice in matters that concern you?  Don't deny yourself the basic right to vote and have your voice heard by those representing you.  Just like the United States of America, CSEA is a union of democracy.  The union is made up of employees such as yourself that work hard everyday not only in their day-to-day job, but also taking seriously the need to give employees a voice at the Chancellor's office, the California Legislature, and Governor Davis' office.  Remember, only CSEA members may choose who will represent them.  Exercise your right!

 Job and Salary Protection:   Many people think the union is only about getting raises and other financial benefits, but the union is a lot more than that.  Did you know that the union has saved countless jobs in the CSU system from layoffs and outsourcing?  If CSEA didn't exist, the CSU would have easily outsourced the entire PeopleSoft project to private companies and laid off countless CSU technology employees.

Stronger Voice:  Join thousands of your CSU colleagues and create a stronger voice for the CSU staff by joining the union.  Remember, the Governor, Legislature, and the Chancellor's office listen to numbers.  The more members we have the stronger our voice.

Join Now!

(If your pay stub lists FS-CSEA, then you are only paying fair share fees and are not currently a member.  As a member, you would only be paying a dollar or two more.  Don't you think its worth an extra dollar or two?)


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