For an overview on travel beginning on or after April 1st, please review the CSUB Travel Policy.

Before you travel:

  • American Express Corporate Card applications are available on our website under Travel Forms.
  • The Travel Authorization Request Form should be completed and submitted to the appropriate administrator approving travel. This form authorizes the requestor to travel on official CSUB business. Once approved, the form must be attached to the travel claim.
  • A Travel Advance may be requested to pay for registration fees directly to the vendor.
  • A Charge Request Form - for rental car, local lodging or airfare. A Charge Request may be used to charge an airline ticket purchased through Uniglobe. The campus American Express business travel account (BTA) has been set up with Uniglobe, an authorized agency. All other authorized purchases or reservations must be made using your American Express Corporate Card to insure insurance coverage and reimbursement upon your return. Reimbursements will not be made for damage waivers.
  • A defensive driving training course offered through CSUB Campus Safety must be completed once every 4 years if you drive on official state business more than one time in any given month.
  • When making lodging reservations, inquire about a Claim for Exemption from Transient Occupancy Tax.

While you Travel:

  • Meals will be reimbursed for actual expenses up to the daily maximum of $55.00 within the continuous 48 US States. Original itemized receipts are required for expenses of $25 or more. Incidentals will be reimbursed $7 per every 24 hour period (no receipts required), which starts on the second day. If traveling to Alaska, Hawaii, other US possessions, or out of the United States, the maximum daily allowance will be based on the Federal Per Diem Rates (
  • Meal reimbursements for travel of less than 24 hours are reportable income.

    Less than 12 hours:

    • Breakfast - Reimburse if travel begins 2hrs before regular work hours (reportable as income).
    • Lunch -- Not reimbursable.
    • Dinner -- Reimburse if traveled 2 hours after regular work (reportable as income).

    Less than 24 hours with overnight stay:

    • Breakfast - Reimbursable (2nd day only)
    • Lunch - Reimbursable
    • Dinner - Reimbursable
  • Lodging will be reimbursed based on length of stay and location:
    • Less than 30 days
      • Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Possessions - will be reimbursed for actual lodging costs with a maximum limit of $175.00 per night. Rates in excess of this amount must be pre-approved by a campus vice-president or designees in accordance with the campus approval process. Detailed folio must show a zero balance and last 4 digits of the credit card statement.
      • International location - will be reimbursed based on Federal Per Diem rates by specific location.
    • More than 30 days
      • Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Possessions - will be reimbursed based on Federal Per Diem rates by specific location.
      • International location - will be reimbursed based on per diem approved by authorized approver, up to 100% of Federal Per Diem rates by specific location.

    Federal Per Diem rates are maintained by the Federal Department of Defense:

  • The standard maximum mileage reimbursement rate is .575 cents per mile EFFECTIVE January 1, 2015.
    • 56 cents per mile (January 1, 2012 thru December 31, 2014)
  • Authorization To Use Privately-Owned Vehicles on State Business Form must be on file in the Accounting Office. No reimbursement will be made when the employee uses a privately owned motorcycle.

After you travel:

  • If you do not have a receipt for any item over $25 additional documentation will be needed including your supervisors approval for the lost receipt.
  • Fill out a Travel Expense Claim (Form 262) within 30 days after your return. Please submit all original itemized receipts for meals, lodging, airfare, car rental, gas, parking fees, etc. Provide a program, email invitation, agenda, flyer, or other document showing the purpose, location, and dates of the travel event.
  • Travel Expense reimbursements take up 10 working days to process.

Good luck on your trip.

If you have specific issues you would like discussed contact either Accounts Payable (x6209) or Sally(x6207) by phone or email.


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