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Why are there no results when I try to retrieve my ProCard statement?

Having no results when trying to retrieve your ProCard statement can occur for number of reasons, such as:

  1.  You are using the wrong business unit for your credit card. Your business unit is printed on your ProCard below your name (campus = BKCMP).
  2.  You did not purchase anything during the billing cycle (typically the 21st to the 20th of the following month); therefore, you do not have a ProCard statement to reconcile.
  3.  Your purchases posted to your credit card after the billing cycle cutoff date (typically the 20th) and will appear on your next ProCard statement.
  4.  Reconciliation period, typically five (5) business days, has passed. Your transactions posted to your default chartfields. To view your statement and print your report after the reconciliation period has passed, select the ProCard Completed Inquiry.

I logged into CFS and made it to the CSU Portal but was directed to another PeopleSoft login screen and my NET ID/Password did not work

You might not have access to CFS ProCard. Did you complete and submit a CFS Access Request Form (under BAS forms) for ProCard access role? To verify, contact the ProCard Coordinator, Marina Manzano who will check with IT Security on the status of your access.

I logged into CFS but could not bring up a statement. Does that mean I did not have any charges that hit on that period?

If you did not make any purchases during the billing cycle or the purchases posted after the billing cycle, then you will not have a statement to view or reconcile in CFS. You may see a message indicating, “No matching values were found.”

If you had transactions for the billing cycle that ends on the 20th of the month (unless it falls on a Saturday/Sunday, then it would be the following Monday), then more than likely it is past the reconciliation period (typically 5 business days). Transactions will have posted to your default account. To view your statement and print your report after the reconciliation period, select the ProCard Completed Inquiry.