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Tutoring is available to CSUB students in many subject areas. You may need just a little extra help with a subject or have a class concept explained a little differently to you. Tutoring is available, and it's free.

Click here for a schedule of tutoring center hours and locations.

Arts and Humanities Tutoring Center

Services: History, Philosophy, Spanish, Music, Religious Studies, Linguistics

Location: Dorothy Donahoe Hall, Rooms B115 & B117

Phone: 661-654-2613; Email:; Website: Click here.

Business and Public Administration  Tutoring Center

Services: Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Location: Business Development Center, Building A, Room 218 and 247

Phone: 661-654-3406; Email:; Website: Click here.

Computer Science & Engineering Tutoring Center

Services: Computer Science and Engineering

Location: Science III, Room 324

Phone: 661-654-3082; Email:; Website: Click here.

Kegley Center for Student Success

Services: Athletics tutoring in multiple subjects

Location: Modular West, 100

Phone: 661-654-2863; Email:; Website:Click here.

Mathematics Tutoring Center

Services: Upper and lower division mathematics courses

Location: Science III, Room 208

Phone: 661-654-2403; Email:; Website: Click here.

Developmental Math Lab

Services: Math 75/85

Location: Science III, Room 127

Email:; Website: Click here

MyWritingLabPlus Headquarters

Services: Assistance with MyWritingLab program

Location: Classroom Building, Room 100

Phone: 661-654-2823; Email:;Website: Click here.

Science Tutoring Center

Services: Pre-Nursing, Biology, Physics, Geology, and Chemistry

Location: Science I, Rooms 334 and 405

Phone: 661-654-2403; Email:; Website: Click here.

Social Science & Education Tutoring Center

Services: Psychology, PEAK, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Political Science

Location: Education Building, Room 129

Phone: 661-654-6832; Email:; Website: Click here.

Writing Resource Center

Services: Help with writing for all subjects

Location: Administration East, Room 105

Phone: 661-654-6411; Email:; Website: Click here

Antelope Valley  Tutoring Center

Services: Writing, Sociology, and Psychology

Location: Building 500, Room 503

Phone: 661-654-5072; Email:; Website: Click here.