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Tutoring is available to CSUB students in many subject areas. You may need just a little extra help with a subject or have a class concept explained a little differently to you. Tutoring is available, and it's free.

The hours for centers can be located by clicking on the website link under each center. Alternatively, the Writing Resource Center webpage has other centers' hours under the "Other Tutoring" page.

Arts and Humanities Tutoring Center

Services: History, Philosophy, Spanish, Music, Religious Studies, Linguistics

Location: Dorothy Donahoe Hall, Rooms B115 & B117

Phone: 661-654-2613; Email:; Website: Click here.

Business and Public Administration  Tutoring Center

Services: Accounting, Economics, and Finance

Location: Business Development Center, Building A, Room 218 and 247

Phone: 661-654-3406; Email:; Website: Click here.

Computer Science & Engineering Tutoring Center

Services: Computer Science and Engineering

Location: Science III, Room 324

Phone: 661-654-3082; Email:; Website: Click here.

Kegley Center for Student Success

Services: Athletics tutoring in multiple subjects

Location: Modular West, 100

Phone: 661-654-2863; Email:; Website:Click here.

Mathematics Tutoring Center

Services: Upper and lower division mathematics courses

Location: Science III, Room 208

Phone: 661-654-2403; Email:; Website: Click here.

MyWritingLabPlus Headquarters

Services: Assistance with MyWritingLab program

Location: Classroom Building, Room 100

Phone: 661-654-2823; Email:;Website: Click here.

Science Tutoring Center

Services: Pre-Nursing, Biology, Physics, Geology, and Chemistry

Location: Science I, Rooms 334 and 405

Phone: 661-654-2403; Email:; Website: Click here.

Social Science & Education Tutoring Center

Services: Psychology, PEAK, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Political Science

Location: Education Building, Room 129

Phone: 661-654-6832; Email:; Website: Click here.

Writing Resource Center

Services: Help with writing for all subjects

Location: Administration East, Room 105

Phone: 661-654-6411; Email:; Website: Click here