Wait List Process

If you wish to enroll in a class that is already Closed, you may check to see if you can get on a wait list. Not every course will have a wait list; that decision is up to the department offering the course.

To get onto a wait list, you must have satisfied the pre-requisites for the course. At the time that you put your name on a wait list for a course, you have the option to indicate that you want to drop (swap) the wait list course for a course in which you already enrolled.

We run the wait list process every night, beginning on the first day of registration. It is run for the last time at the end of the last day to add for the term. If there is a spot open in a course, the wait list process will check 3 things for each student in turn on the wait list for that course. If the answer to any of these 3 questions is “yes," then that student will not be brought into the course, and the next student will be considered in the same way.

  1. Are any pre-requisites not met?
  2. Will the addition of the wait list course put the student at or above the student's unit limit?
  3. Will the student have a time conflict with the addition of the wait list course?

If you are already enrolled in 12 or more units, you are limited to 10 units of wait list courses. If you are enrolled in less than 12 units, then you can request permission from the Dean of the school of your major to get on the wait lists in more units of courses.

Please be advised that there is no message or other alert sent to the student—or to the faculty member—that a student has been added to the course by the wait list process. So if you are on one or more wait lists, please check your myCSUB account first thing every day to see if you have been added to the course.


If you have any questions about the wait list process, please contact your academic advisor or:

Dr. John Dirkse, Director of Academic Operations and Support

Phone: (661) 654-6181
Email: jdirkse@csub.edu