Add/Drop/Swap Classes

Students are allowed to add or drop classes from their schedule up through the third week of the quarter. Students may also swap classes, which is a quick way to drop one class and add a different class. To drop a class after the third week of instruction, students must complete an Add/Drop Request Form.

To Add a class (up through the third week of instruction), login to myCSUB and follow instructions to Add Classes.

To Drop a class (up through the third week of instruction), login to myCSUB and follow instructions to Drop a Class.

To Swap classes (up through the third week of instruction), login to myCSUB and follow instructions to Swap Classes. The drop will occur only if you are added to the selected class successfully.

To Withdraw from a course (after the third week of instruction), complete an Add/Drop Request Form and obtain all necessary signatures. Submit the completed form to the Admissions and Records Office in the Student Services Building. A separate form is required to Withdraw from All Classes.

Notes on Withdrawal:

  • Students are required to withdraw from classes they are not attending. Failure to attend class will result in a grade of “WU” –Withdrawal Unauthorized -- and is calculated into the GPA as an “F”.
  • Students can only withdraw from 18.6 units during the course of their studies at California State University, Bakersfield. For most students, that means that they can only withdraw from four to six classes in their undergraduate career. Schedule adjustments made during the Add/Drop Period do not count toward the limit, but changes made after the Add/Drop Period will count toward the limit.
  • Approved course withdrawal for medical or military reasons will also not count towards the 18.6 unit limit.

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