After receiving her M.F.A. in Sculpture from Yale School of Art, Sarah Vanderlip lived and worked for over a decade on the Lower East Side of New York. She participated in numerous exhibitions, lectures, benefits and collaborative projects in the city, the country and internationally. Highlights included solo shows, getting her work into significant collections and achieving critical success in publications such as Art in America, The New York Times, New York Magazine, and The Village Voice.

In 2000, she accepted a job teaching Undergraduate and Graduate Sculpture at U.C.L.A. where she taught for four years. Now an Associate Professor of Art at C.S.U.B., she teaches Sculpture, Drawing, 3D Design and Introduction to Art. From 2003-2005, she directed C.S.U.B’s University’s gallery curating such shows as Nature Study and About Face, among others.

In Los Angeles she continues to show her work including a permanent installation at the High Desert Test Site. In 2006, she had a solo show at The L.A.C. Lieu Arte Contemporain in Sigean, France. In 2007 she had her work mentioned and shown on the acclaimed HBO series—The L Word. She also had her second solo European show at Galerie Jacques Girard in Toulouse, France that same year. While in Toulouse, she inaugurated a visiting artist program at the Lycee Paul Sabatier in Carcasonne, France.

She received a University Research Council Award in 2008 and had her first solo show in Los Angeles at Sandroni Rey's Container. In 2009, she showed a large piece in Shadows and Reflected Colors for Sale at Shoshana Wayne Gallery. In May, she is having a solo show of her drawings at Art Production Fund LAB in New York. She is also working on another forthcoming show in Toulouse this fall.