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Instructions for Writing a Term Paper

English 420: Sociolinguistics

All students who do not participate in the class project are expected to write a term paper. Many topics are available for this paper, and students are required to choose one by October 02 and have a working bibliography of at least 10 items by October 16. The bibliography must be in APA format, which students can view by looking at a bibliography that I have prepared for a section of this course.

A rough draft of the paper will be due on November 25, and all papers and will be due on November 27 without exception. The papers should be at least 10 double-spaced pages in length and strictly adhere to the APA format.

We will be discussing the writing of term papers in several classes, and students are encouraged to examine examples of term papers in my office during office hours.

English 420 Course Syllabus.