California State University Bakersfield

Department of Physics and Engineering


My research interests span several areas of materials science. In specific, I am interested in soft materials, such as polymers. Currently, my research group is focused in two projects. One is the synthesis of polyesters derived from renewable resources such as plant oils and animal fats. The other project is related to surface modification pf materials. If you are interested in joining my research group, please contact me.

Synthesis of polyesters from renewable resources:
For this project, we have bought a custom made chemical reactor. It has a condenser, and it has a bottom discharge valve. This reactor will be mostly used for polycondensation reactions. These reactions will be used to obtain linear polyesters. Some of the monomers (precursors) used in this project are derived from animal fats, plant oils, and starch.

Surface modification of materials. I am interested in modifying the surface chemistry of cellulose hydrogels in order to utilize them for other functions. The group also work in hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces.

The VCA optima contact angle and the RS Brookfield Rheometer have been donated by the Department of Energy Laboratory Equipment Donation Program.
We have received a grant from the Research Council of the University to study polymers from renewable resources