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Dr. Anna L. Jacobsen


Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Plant Structure-Function


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Pratt RB, Castro V, Fickle JC, Jacobsen AL. 2020. Embolism resistance of different aged stems of a California oak species (Quercus douglasii): Optical and microCT methods differ from the benchtop-dehydration standard. Tree Physiology 40: 5-18. pdf supplement

 Tree Physiology journal cover Jan 2020 (cover photo by R. Brandon Pratt)




Fettig CJ, Wuenschel A, Balachowski J, Butz RJ, Jacobsen AL, North MP, Ostoja SM, Pratt RB, Standiford RB. 2019. Managing effects of drought in California. Pp. 71-93 in Effects of drought on forests and rangelands in the United States. WO-GTR-98. pdf


Venturas MD, Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Castro V, Fickle JC, Hacke UG. 2019. Direct comparison of four methods to construct xylem vulnerability curves: differences among techniques are linked to vessel network characteristics. Plant, Cell & Environment 42: 2422- 2436. pdf supplement


Heaton EJ, Thompson G, Fetzer DA, Negrini RM, Wigand PE, Palacios-Fest MR, LaFever R, Jacobsen AL, Trigos C. 2019. A Great Basin lake-level response to 38-34 ka Dansgaard-Oeschger oscillations. Journal of Paleolimnology 61: 263-278. pdf


Méndez-Alonzo R, Ewers FW, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Scoffoni C, Bartlett MK, Sack L. 2019. Covariation between leaf hydraulics and biomechanics is driven by leaf density in Mediterranean shrubs. Trees-Structure and Function 33: 507-519. pdf


Rodriguez-Zaccaro FD, Valdovinos-Ayala J, Percolla MI, Venturas MD, Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL. 2019. Wood structure and function change with maturity: Age of the vascular cambium is associated with xylem changes in current-year growth. Plant, Cell & Environment 42: 1816-1831. pdf supplement


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Venturas MD, Hacke UG. 2019. Large volume vessels are vulnerable to water-stress-induced embolism in stems of poplar. IAWA Journal 40: 4-22. pdf supplement


Crous CJ, Drake DC, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Jacobs SM, Esler KJ. 2019. Foliar nitrogen dynamics of an invasive legume compared to native non-legumes in fynbos riparian zones varying in water availability. Water SA 45: 103-109. pdf


Holmlund HI, Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Davis SD, Pittermann J. 2019. High-resolution computed tomography reveals dynamics of desiccation and rehydration in fern petioles of a desiccation-tolerant fern. New Phytologist 224: 97-105. pdf supplement

New phytologist journal cover Oct 2019(cover photo by AL Jacobsen)




Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2018. Going with the flow: Structural determinants of vascular tissue transport efficiency and safety. Plant, Cell & Environment 41: 2715-2717. pdf

Jacobsen AL, Valdovinos-Ayala J, Rodriguez-Zaccaro FD, Hill-Crim MA, Percolla MI, Venturas MD. 2018. Intra-organismal variation in the structure of plant vascular transport tissues in poplar trees. Trees - Structure and Function 32: 1335-1346. pdf S1 S2

Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Alleman D, Davis SD. 2018. Post-fire ecophysiology of endemic chaparral shrub seedlings from Santa Catalina Island, southern California. Madroño 65: 106-116.  pdf


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2018. Extensive drought-associated plant mortality as an agent of type-conversion in chaparral shrublands. New Phytologist 219: 498-504. pdf supporting info


Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL. 2018. Identifying which conduits are moving water in woody plants: A new HRCT-based method. Tree Physiology 38: 1200-1212. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Valdovinos-Ayala J, Pratt RB. 2018. Functional lifespans of xylem vessels: development, hydraulic function, and post-function of vessels in several species of woody plants. American Journal of Botany 105: 142-150. pdf


[BOOK] Esler KJ, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2018. The Biology of Mediterranean-type Ecosystems. Oxford University Press. 336 pp.

book cover for the biology of mediterranean-type ecosystems(cover photos by R. Brandon Pratt)





Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL. 2017. Conflicting demands on angiosperm xylem: tradeoffs among storage, transport, and biomechanics. Plant, Cell & Environment 40: 897-913. pdf





Jacobsen AL, Tobin MF, Toschi HS, Percolla MI, Pratt RB. 2016. Structural determinants of increased susceptibility to dehydration-induced cavitation in post-fire resprouting chaparral shrubs.  Plant, Cell & Environment 39: 2473-2485. pdf supplement


Venturas MD, MacKinnon ED, Dario HL, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Davis SD. 2016. Chaparral shrub hydraulic traits, size, and life history types relate to species mortality during California's historic drought of 2014. PLoS ONE 11(7): e0159145. pdf


Venturas MD, Rodriguez-Zaccaro FD, Percolla MI, Crous CJ, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2016. Single vessel air injection estimates of xylem resistance to cavitation are affected by vessel network characteristics and sample length. Tree Physiology 36: 1247-1259. pdf supporting info


Gleason SM, Westoby M, Jansen S, Choat B, Brodribb TJ, Cochard H, Delzon S, Hacke UG, Jacobsen AL, Johnson DM, Lens F, Maherali H, Martínez-Vilalta J, Mayr S, McCulloh KA, Morris H, Nardini A, Plavcová L, Pratt RB, Schreiber SG, Zanne AE. 2016. On research priorities to advance understanding of the safety-efficiency tradeoff in xylem. New Phytologist 211: 1156-1158. New Phytologist


Pausas JG, Pratt RB, Keeley JE, Jacobsen AL, Ramirez AR, Vilagrosa A, Paula S, Kanekua-Pia IN, Davis SD. 2016. Towards understanding resprouting at the global scale. New Phytologist 209: 945-954.  pdf  Table S1 (global P50 and resprouting database) supporting info


Gleason SM, Westoby M, Jansen S, Choat B, Hacke UG, Pratt RB, Bhaskar R, Brodribb TJ, Bucci SJ, Cao K-F, Cochard H, Delzon S, Domec J-C, Fan Z-X, Field TS, Jacobsen AL, Johnson DM, Lens F, Maherali H, Martínez-Vilalta J, Mayr S, McCulloh KA, Mencuccini M, Mitchell PJ, Morris H, Nardini A, Pittermann J, Plavcová L, Schreiber SG, Sperry JS, Wright IJ, Zanne AE. 2016. Weak tradeoff between xylem safety and xylem-specific hydraulic efficiency across the world’s woody plant species. New Phytologist 209: 123-136.  pdf supporting info





Jacobsen AL, Rodriguez-Zaccaro FD, Lee TF, Valdovinos J, Toschi HS, Martinez JA, Pratt RB. 2015. Grapevine xylem development, architecture and function. (Pp. 133-162 In Functional and Ecological Xylem Anatomy. Ed. Hacke UG. Springer).  pdf


Pratt RB, Percolla MI, Jacobsen AL. 2015. Integrative xylem analysis of chaparral shrubs. (Pp. 189-207 In Functional and Ecological Xylem Anatomy. Ed. Hacke UG. Springer).  pdf


Venturas MD, MacKinnon ED, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2015. Excising stem samples under water at native tension does not induce xylem cavitation. Plant, Cell & Environment 38: 1060-1068. pdf supplement


Hacke UG, Venturas MD, MacKinnon ED, Jacobsen AL, Sperry JS, Pratt RB. 2015. The standard centrifuge method accurately measures vulnerability to cavitation curves of long-vesselled olive stems. New Phytologist 205: 116-127. pdf


Pratt RB, MacKinnon ED, Venturas MD, Crous CJ, Jacobsen AL. 2015. Root resistance to cavitation is accurately measured using a centrifuge technique. Tree Physiology 35: 185-196. pdf cover image

tree physiology journal cover(cover photo by R. Brandon Pratt)





MacKinnon ED, Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL. 2014. Functional trait differences between weedy and non-weedy plants in southern California. Madroño 61: 328-338. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Davis SD, Tobin MF. 2014. Geographic and seasonal variation in chaparral vulnerability to cavitation. Madroño 61: 317-327. pdf


Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Ramirez AR, Helms AM, Traugh CA, Tobin MF, Heffner MS, Davis SD. 2014. Mortality of resprouting chaparral shrubs after a fire and during a record drought: physiological mechanisms and demographic consequences. Global Change Biology 20: 893-907. pdf


Marais KE, Pratt RB, Jacobs SM, Jacobsen AL, Esler KJ. 2014. Postfire regeneration of resprouting mountain fynbos shrubs: differentiating obligate resprouters and facultative seeders. Plant Ecology 215:195-208. pdf





Paddock III WAS, Davis SD, Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Tobin MF, López-Portillo J, Ewers FW. 2013.  Factors determining mortality of adult chaparral shrubs in an extreme drought year in California.  Aliso 31: 49-57. pdf


Tobin MF, Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, De Guzman M. 2013. Xylem vulnerability to cavitation can be accurately characterized in species with long vessels using a centrifuge method. Plant Biology 15: 496-504. pdf S1 S2 S3


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2013. Vulnerability to cavitation of central California Arctostaphylos (Ericaceae): A new analysis. Oecologia 171:329-334. pdf (including supplement)





Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Tobin MF, Hacke UG, Ewers FW. 2012. A global analysis of xylem vessel length in woody plants. American Journal of Botany 99: 1583-1591. pdf  supplement


Choat B, Jansen S, Brodribb TJ, Cochard H, Delzon S, Bhaskar R, Bucci SJ, Feild TS, Gleason SM, Hacke UG, Jacobsen AL, Lens F, Maherali H, Martínez-Vilalta J, Mayr S, Mencuccini M, Mitchell PJ, Nardini A, Pittermann J, Pratt RB, Sperry JS, Westoby M, Wright IJ, Zanne AE. 2012. Global convergence in the vulnerability of forest to drought.  Nature 491: 752-756. pdf


Hacke UG, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Maurel C, Lachenbruch B, Zwaizek J. 2012. New research on plant-water relations examines the molecular, structural, and physiological mechanisms of plant responses to their environment. New Phytologist 196: 345-348. pdf


Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Hernandez J, Ewers FW, North GB, Davis SD. 2012. Allocation tradeoffs among chaparral shrub seedlings with different life history types (Rhamnaceae). American Journal of Botany 99: 1464-1476. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2012. No evidence for an open vessel effect in centrifuge-based vulnerability curves of a long-vesselled liana (Vitis vinifera). New Phytologist 194: 982-990. pdf


Ramirez AR, Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Davis SD. 2012. Exotic deer diminish post-fire resilience of native shrub communities on Santa Catalina Island, southern California.  Plant Ecology 213: 1037-1047. pdf S1 S2 S3


Jacobsen AL, Roets F, Jacobs SM, Esler KJ, Pratt RB. 2012. Dieback and mortality of South African fynbos shrubs is likely driven by a novel pathogen and pathogen-induced hydraulic failure.  Austral Ecology 37: 227-235. pdf


Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Jacobs SM, Esler KJ. 2012. Xylem transport safety and efficiency differs among fynbos shrub life history types and between two sites differing in mean rainfall. Int. J. Plant Sci. 173: 474-483. pdf  cover image

journal cover 2012 for International Journal of Plant Sciences(cover photo by AL Jacobsen)





Pratt RB, North GB, Jacobsen AL, Ewers FW, Davis SD. 2010. Xylem root and shoot hydraulics is linked to life history type in chaparral seedlings.  Functional Ecology 24: 70-81. pdf





Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Moe LM, Ewer FW. 2009 Plant community water use and invasibility of semi-arid shrublands by woody species in southern California. Madroño 56: 213-220. pdf


Hacke UG, Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB. 2009. Xylem function of arid-land shrubs from California, USA: an ecological and evolutionary analysis. Plant, Cell & Environment 32: 1324-1333. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Esler KJ, Pratt RB, Ewers FW. 2009. Water stress tolerance of shrubs in Mediterranean-type climate regions: Convergence of fynbos and succulent karoo communities with California shrub communities. American Journal of Botany 96: 1445-1453. pdf





Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Mohla R, Ewers FW, Davis SD. 2008. Linkage between water stress tolerance and life history type in seedlings of nine chaparral species (Rhamnaceae). Journal of Ecology 96: 1252-1265. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Davis SD, Ewers FW. 2008. Comparative community physiology: non-convergence in water relations among three semi-arid shrub communities.  New Phytologist 180: 100-113. pdf


Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, North GB, Sack L, Schenk HJ. 2008. Plant hydraulics: new discoveries in the pipeline. New Phytologist 179: 590-593. pdf





Ewers FW, Ewers JM, Jacobsen AL, López-Portillo J.  2007. Vessel redundancy: modeling safety in numbers. IAWA Journal 28: 373-388. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Davis SD, Ewers FW. 2007. Cavitation resistance and seasonal hydraulics differ among three arid Californian plant communities.  Plant, Cell and Environment 30: 1599-1609. pdf


Davis SD, Pratt RB, Ewers FW, Jacobsen AL. 2007. Freezing tolerance impacts chaparral species distribution in the Santa Monica Mountains.  (In Flora and Ecology of the Santa Monica Mountains. Ed. Knapp DA. Southern California Botanists Special Publication No. 4, Fullerton, CA). pp. 159-172. pdf


Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Ewers FW, Davis SD. 2007. Relationships among xylem transport, biomechanics, and storage in stems and roots of nine Rhamnaceae species of the California chaparral. New Phytologist 174: 787-798. pdf


Pratt RB, Jacobsen AL, Golgotiu KA, Sperry JS, Ewers FW, Davis SD. 2007. Life history type coupled to water stress tolerance in nine Rhamnaceae species of the California chaparral.  Ecological Monographs 77: 239-253. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Pratt RB, Ewers FW, Davis SD.  2007.  Cavitation resistance among twenty-six chaparral species of southern California.  Ecological Monographs 77: 99-115. pdf


Jacobsen AL, Agenbag L, Esler KJ, Pratt RB, Ewers FW, Davis SD.  2007.  Xylem density, biomechanics, and anatomical traits correlate with water stress in seventeen evergreen shrub species of the Mediterranean-type climate region of South Africa.  Journal of Ecology 95: 171-183. pdf





Jacobsen AL, Ewers FW, Pratt RB, Paddock WA III, Davis SD. 2005.  Do xylem fibers affect vessel cavitation resistance? Plant Physiology 139: 546-556. pdf


Pratt RB, Ewers FW, Lawson MC, Jacobsen AL, Brediger M, and Davis SD. 2005. Mechanisms for tolerating freeze-thaw stress of two evergreen chaparral species: Rhus ovata and Malosma laurina (Anacardiaceae). American Journal of Botany 92: 1102-1113. pdf





Jacobsen AL, Fabritius SL and Davis SD. 2004. Fire frequency impacts non-sprouting chaparral shrubs in the Santa Monica Mountains of southern California. (In Ecology, Conservation and Management of Mediterranean Climate Ecosystems.  Eds. Arianoutsou M and Papanastasis VP.  Millpress, Rotterdam, Netherlands). pdf




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