Philanthropy helps us expand our programs beyond what we are able to offer students just utilizing funding provided by the state. In addition to supporting student excellence, University Advancement shares this philanthropic commitment of our faculty and staff members with our external constituents, including our alumni, corporate and community partners and even legislatures.


The fund provides the university with its most significant source of unrestricted funds and the flexibility required to respond to immediate academic needs. Academic programs, student scholarships, and other essential initiatives deemed critical for student success can receive support. For example, during our transition to remote learning, the university ensured that all students had access to technology via the CSUB Fund.
Food Pantry Fund

Gifts are used to provide basic necessities at no cost to students – with a goal of decreasing the impact that food insecurity may have on their academic success.
Library Fund

Donations are used to buy books, archival collections, digital resources and to bring speakers and artists to the library.
Roadrunner Club

The Roadrunner Club provides financial support to students who participate in CSUB Athletics so they can be successful inside and outside the classroom.

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A Message from University President Lynnette Zelezny

President Zelezny

Dear CSUB Faculty and Staff,

As employees, you are our university's greatest advocates and supporters. Each day, you dedicate your time and talent to transforming the lives of CSUB students. Through the Faculty and Staff Initiative, you can play an even larger role in helping CSUB rise to new heights of success by providing philanthropic support for our deserving students.

Last year, 322 employees raised more than $383,000 in support of scholarships, the Food Pantry, technology for virtual learning and other areas on campus.

Our goal is to continue that momentum and increase employee giving this year. All employee donations through June 30, 2023 will be counted toward the Faculty and Staff Initiative.

Your gift supports students like Brianna Maldonado . Brianna is a kinesiology student conducting research on balance, with a goal to help prevent falls among vulnerable populations. She received a scholarship through the Student Research Scholars Program to work on this project, thanks to support from donors.

"I would like to thank donors for this opportunity, allowing me to do research and giving me the confidence that will help me later down the road for my career."

Thank you for your ongoing support of students!


Lynnette Zelezny, Ph.D., MBA


"To our hero...
Lynnette Zelezny
...thank you for your support!"


This initiative is a comprehensive effort that offers every faculty and staff member at CSUB an opportunity to make a gift in support of our students — in addition to the time and talent that is contributed on a daily basis. Every gift made through this drive will enhance and strengthen the student experience.
Every faculty and staff member at CSUB is being asked to consider making a gift in support of our students through this initiative. This effort is designed to welcome every employee on campus to get involved.
There are two distinct ways to contribute to the Faculty and Staff Initiative:
  1. Gifts can be made online at the Student Success Giving Page.
  2. You can make regular gifts on a monthly basis through payroll deduction.
Your gift will directly impact students at CSUB. No matter where you designate your gift, you are contributing to a long tradition of academic excellence at CSUB. In addition, your support sets an example for others to follow, as it provides an opportunity for the University Advancement team to promote on-campus giving while seeking philanthropic support from other sources.
We are inviting every CSUB faculty and staff member to consider making a gift to this initiative; however, all gifts are completely voluntary and a very personal decision. There is no “right” answer when it comes to giving amounts and every contribution makes a difference no matter how big or small. The table below provides sample giving levels that illustrate the power of giving over time.
Total Amount (12 months) Monthly Weekly Daily
$120 $10 $3 $0.36
$300 $25 $6.25 $0.89
$480 $40 $10 $1.43
$1,200 $100 $25 $3.57
$2,400 $200 $50 $7.14
$4,800 $400 $100 $14.29
Yes. On the payroll deduction form, please indicate the areas your gift is intended to support. Unless otherwise instructed, your gift will be divided equally among the areas you have selected. If your gift has more unique requirements, please contact the Office of University Advancement to discuss the details.
You may direct your support exactly where you want to have an impact. The areas listed on the payroll deduction form address a wide range of potential impact areas, but you may also indicate another gift designation by writing it below the options listed in field marked "Other."
Yes. Your payroll deduction can be altered at any time. If you are making a gift via payroll deduction, please complete a new payroll deduction form. Otherwise, you may contact University Advancement to adjust your gift level.
If you already give to CSUB, we thank you for your commitment. Your existing contribution will be counted as part of the initiative. However, there are scenarios in which you would want to complete a payroll deduction form:
  1. You would like to increase your gift. Please complete the payroll deduction form and indicate your new gift level.
  2. You would like to designate your gift to a different area (or to multiple areas). Please complete a new payroll deduction form and indicate your new gift designation(s).
Yes. Philanthropy plays a vital role for our institution and will remain a focus to strengthen the role CSUB plays in educating our students and engaging our community. Faculty and staff are among our most loyal supporters and we will continue to provide them with opportunities to support CSUB.
No. Your gift amount will not be published in any way that is attributed to you. All faculty and staff members who make a gift may be listed in various CSUB publications, but individual gift amounts will not be included. If you do not wish to be recognized, please contact University Advancement.
Yes! Your gift to the Faculty and Staff Initiative is 100% tax deductible. All gifts made to the CSUB Foundation are tax deductible and 95% of your gift will directly benefit its intended area of support. To help defray the cost of fundraising, a one-time fee of 5% will be applied to all gifts received by the CSUB Foundation.
Please feel free to contact Eric Weis at eweis@csub.edu or (661) 654-3537. Every department/division on campus also has volunteer "Champions" who are able to assist with the Faculty and Staff Initiative.

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Eric Weis
Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship
 (661) 654-3537