Project Rebound

CSU Bakersfield's Project Rebound program supports the success of the formerly incarcerated by offering the opportunity and resources needed to successfully transition and acclimate to a college campus. The program is an alternative to the revolving door policy of the criminal justice system, and instead encourages students to excel in a course of study. The program offers special admissions for those who might not normally qualify for university acceptance due to application deadlines and minor academic deficiencies. Project Rebound recognizes the importance of access to a quality education for all and assists motivated individuals to prepare, apply, enroll, and graduate with a university degree.

Project Rebound staff serve as liaisons with campus services and programs, as well as with community organizations. By offering resources and connections with supportive entities, the program assists students with meeting their basic needs so they can concentrate on gaining expertise in their field of study and achieve educational and personal empowerment.

Project Rebound was started in 1967 by Professor John Irwin, who had been incarcerated prior to teaching at San Francisco State University.

"This program has impacted me in such a way that it has given me hope that once I graduate this program I will be able to find work regardless of my past criminal background. My goals and aspirations are to take my degrees and bring rehabilitation, reform, and de-criminalization programs to the city of Shafter and work with homeless populations that struggle with limited resources. By getting this education, I will have the knowledge to go out into the world and apply it to my goals and passion."

— Jimmy Garcia, CSU Bakersfield, Sociology

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