Steps to Procuring a Public Works Project

  1. The concept is proposed & developed, reduced to writing & sketches, and evaluated for feasibility.
  2. If the concept appears feasible, it is transmitted to the Facilities Management department for further evaluation.
  3. Facilities Management then works with Procurement & Contract Services to determine the proper method of procurement. Public Works projects can never be procured by a department on their own. All Public Works projects either approved, or being evaluated for feasibility, must go through Facilities Management. Also, the requesting department must clearly identify the funding source to be used for any Public Works project and must ensure that adequate funds are available to do the work.

What is a Public Works Project?

A public works project is defined as the erection, construction, alteration, or improvement of any public structure, building, road, or other public improvements of any kind.

The idea for a public works project is usually conceived by a project applicant or a user group