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Psych 303 Lectures

Remember, the PowerPoint lectures are just an outline and do not include details of the lecture. It is best if you bring a copy of the PowerPoint lectures to class where you can focus on adding notes and additional comments to the lecture session. The PowerPoint lectures are just the "bones" or structure of the lectures.

If clicking on the links below does not work, then right-click on the link and then choose download.  Download the file to your desktop (so you can easily find it), then double-click on the file on your Desktop to see the PowerPoint lecture just as it was shown in class.



  Lecture 1 (1/07/13)   Brain Facts Assignment (Due 1/14/13)

Lecture 2 (1/14/13)   Comprehensive Exam (Due 3/20 by 7:30 pm)

Lecture 3 (1/23/13)

Lecture 4 (2/11/13)

Lecture 5 (2/18/13)

Lecture 6 (2/27/13)

Lecture 7 (3/6/13)